Thursday, 4 January 2018

Radio 2 and coding.

Dunno why, but I always find having Radio on while I work to be quite focusing, I've even been known to head bop a bit if a catchy song comes on as I am typing.

I've now grown up and switched to BBC Radio 2...I dunno why but BBC Radio One just bores me to tears now, in the same way Radio 2 used to 10 years ago.. Things change eh!

Had a few days of no motivation to work, which is ok as it was New year and I hadn't really planned to do too much work, but hard at it today, clearing off the next article and making some great progress on the Colecovision game (yes still working on it)

Article is all written up, just testing the code on a couple of different Pi's to make sure the recent Jesse-stretch update does not cause too many issues.

Back is 99% back to normal, so off to the Gym tomorrow to resume the torture, and I'll be cycling to the cinema tonight to finally get my Star Wars fix, sadly its been spoiled to death but I'll still enjoy the movie.

Kinda looking forward to going back to work on Monday, but really want to get the decks cleared 1st so back to my head bopping, as I'm every woman is now playing on the Ken Bruce show.


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bye 2017 its been...odd.

As my back starts to feel normal again, I have picked up a cold....lucky I wasn't sneezing all week with a torn muscle in my back.

New Years eve today, I have been invited out but am going to stay in today,  I need to keep Harvey company, he gets very stressed by the firework frenzy that happens here, and I want to finish up a bit of office and studio clean up I started before the back went. Also I really want to have a complete revamp of my guitar set up, which is a pain in the arse really. Lots of disassembling and hole drilling in my pedal board. I just want to put my beat buddy into the system and also make more use of my VL3 as a proper guitar unit, I rely too much on my GR55 for guitar sounds and really I need it for the VL3's guitar options and step features....still like the GR55 a lot though. But I have a full looper on board the VL3 and effects I haven't even tried to use, bit silly having a 900euro unit and only using it for vocals when I don't do that much singing.

Diet has been out the window the last week, but going back on it, can't get to the gym till the back heals properly though so that's at least a week.

Book proof reading was a major pain, and I have to do it one more time apparently, but even so I am looking forward to getting the book out

Going to get the cleaning down, and start 2018 as I ended 2017, new attitudes and new determination.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

still sore

Not quite gasping for breath sore, but the back is still sore. Thought it was getting better yesterday but when I got out of bed today it was really bad...might have twisted in my sleep or something...

More likely I slept long enough for the painkillers and alcohol to wash out my system..I'll do something about that.


Monday, 25 December 2017

oh c'

I did my back in, not doing anything even remotely energetic or slightly risqe, nope , I was reaching into the fridge to get some fish and my back just exploded.
Unbelievable pain, had me gasping for breath for several minutes....before I was able to get on my back to flatten it out.

oh man, I was just about to cycle over to Liz and Pete's too, but after that it was very clear I wasn't cycling anywhere.

thankfully though our friend Berrie came and picked me up,...and drove very very slowly to avoid speed bumps. But he couldn't' help but corpse with laughter as I squealed in pain at ever turn and speed change.

Anyway as long as I sat in my chair I was ok and had a wonderful dinner followed by a simply awesome game of poker which saw me as chip leader for a large part of it. Sadly right at the end, Berrie came back into play and some utterly crushing play from him saw me losing more than 70euros of my much hard won winnings... But I broke even and had a great night..before crawling very slowly and painfully into bed after 5am...a good evening with pills and alcohol keeping the pain at bay

My back is going to be screwed for a few days still, but it will get better....I hope.


Thursday, 21 December 2017

Fame...but not much fortune.

My beginners C++ coding articles have started in MagPi I dunno if this will be 6 months or a year but its still nice to get myself a credit in a published magazine. You can also download it free or pay for it in the shops.
Its really hard to fit in what you want to say in only 3 pages, but I think I got off to a good, if uninspiring start. We'll see if part 2 when we finally get some graphics going will peak peoples interest.


Monday, 18 December 2017

Never invite a vegan to a meat party

I had a dinner party for my birthday( bappy hirthday to me) and had a really nice 4 course menu, but I totally underestimated how much effort it would take to provide vegan options for one of my guests, it was a bit of a nightmare for timing and organising.

but though the food was slow out of the kitchen, it was good, and the vegan options were well received.

I even made a vegan cheesecake for everyone...better than I expected... but frankly, I much prefer the real deal..

no point in doing my weigh in, I utterly stuffed myself as my birthday treat, I'll wait a few days till I get back to my diet...It may get destroyed again at Christmas but I'll try do do a bit more of that exercise stuff


Saturday, 16 December 2017

wtf 94.2?

Eh....but.. I've been good...aside from one slip where I had a chinese takeaway....damn that is disappointing.

ok so havn't actually been to the loo in a day or 2, one of the downsides of eating less carbs, but...still....this is very upsetting.

I need to get stricter on the diet and harder at the gym, not at all happy.