Thursday, 26 April 2018

I'm sooo fat

I don't even want to type the number, its the worst ever..

ok thats it... I said it before, but thats it..

Jezuz I'm so faat


Friday, 20 April 2018

End of block....and a holiday

Been a busy stressful block, lots and lots of extra work to do, I had waaay too much on my plate, and just didn't say no..

Still got some things left to deal with but as far as students are concerned its all done now, just extensions to deal with and then a holiday for a week,.

Can't really rest, still have things I have to get done but I can dial back the pace a bit and tackle them in my own time.. Got to get ready for 2 gigs, so need to fit in some practice somewhere,  finish the Coleco project at flaming last, and get the last of the 3D games up on the site.

oh did I say I had less to do...yeah, well that is less.


Monday, 16 April 2018


top wow...
kindle version too..the hardcopy has been sold out on for a week,.


Sunday, 8 April 2018

yeah shadows working again

I actually got stuck on this for several days,  which was frustrating, I have a shadow demo already and transferred the code to my main test demo, and it didn't work.. Utter confusion, why would it work one demo and not another... it took me several days to realize that my shadow demo project used a much smaller terrain and this one was much bigger and also the light source was stuck in a corner.....

grrr, oh well, its like most bugs, if you have never seen the behaviour before you simple can't see it. I assumed something was up with my code or the new Rasbpian Stretch..but no it was me, I didn't set it up right...but there you are, fixed now...with help from some of my facebook friends.

Behold shadowmapping shadows.
Not the best system for shadows, they tend to be hard and pixelly, but the fact is the Pi's GPU does not really have the power to do the sampling needed to create softer AA shadows so its as good as it will get for now.


Friday, 30 March 2018

how hot is too hot?

I'd say the hot and spicy chicken noodles I just ate qualify as too hot.. since after 30mins I am sat at my desk having drunk 2 liters of cold water and still have my tongue hanging breathing in cold air to sooth it.

wow..that was vindaloo levels of spicy.


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Enough coughing

For about 2 hours today I was engaged in a very serious attempt to cough up, not just one but both lungs.....despite my very best efforts, the lungs stubbornly refused to budge but did succeed in causing me both a massive headache and a pretty impressive strain on my ribs and diaphragm.

Worst coughing fit ever.....


Saturday, 24 March 2018

Proud daddy slightly disappointed

As I read through "my" book I can't help notice several small errors that are the result of corrections from the type setters. There's plenty of small errors of my own, but it does upset me that the typesetters added their own.

2 really good ones 

on page 8,11 and 12, there is mention of a grey dot when using the debugger.... which is funny because what I wrote was, there is a red dot!Clearly the type setters looked at the monochrome version of the image, and decided to "correct" my text since it certainly is grey in the image.....but of course on your screen its red.
Again a great typesetter error, OOP stands for OOP. What? I wrote OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming.

There's going to be a lot more, at the moment I am just dipping into sections and finding things like this, I need to get some post-its and a highlighter pen and start marking them off for the next edition.

Its quite annoying but also a good lesson to learn, never ever assume the typesetters and proof readers get it right.

On the plus side, its sold out at Amazon :D... I don't think they keep a lot of copies in stock mind, but even so, it sold out. :D