Sunday, 11 November 2018

People you think you know are shits

I know a lot of people, I mostly, genuinly like all of them, a few I don't and generally I keep out of their way and they avoid me. the balance is maintained and everyone is happy. But its interesting how your view of the people you know can be radically changed when you discover what they say about you behind your back.

I had a bit of a facebook spat with an old collegue, nice enough chap, but got a bit of a bee in his bonnet over global warming (its all fake!!!) we've engaged a few times, its got heated but it was for the most part sound debate. But his comments on the recent Iceland rangtang ad which highlights the deforrestation and loss of habitat for Orangutangs was a final straw for me, he actually tried to posit the view that the deforistation is due to "green loons" use of palm oil as a bio fuel. Yes that happens, but its a tiny and now largely abandoned concept... The real issue is due to the use of Palm oil in cosmetic and food products....anyway.. I'd had enough, I stopped engaging and banned him from my FB.
It's only the internet after all, and while I don't really like the idea of avoiding a competing viewpoint,  and re-enforcing his echo chamber of denial, I can't deal with utter bullshit being pushed as fact over and over again, so I'm better off just cutting it out.

Of course he's pissed, and thats fine, he'll get over it, we probably arn't going to meet up more than a few times at some work events so its no great loss to my or his social life. But I got wind of a facebook conversation with him and a few other people I know, also who I've cut out of my FB for being nasty fuckers.....what a bunch of miserable hate filled misanthropic cunts, every single one of them. One even suggested writing a bad review of my book just for the fun of it....what the fuck is wrong with people that they seek to gloat in causing harm and discomfort of others, worse, that they  even try to promote it.

Anyway, moral of this tale, people you know are not your friends. they're seldom more than backstabbing sad fuckers who find pleasure in running or attempting to run others down. Life is much better without them.


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Been a bit busy

And a little down, the passing of my friend Soeren, hit me much harder than it should, I have been taking note of how many friends I've lost in the last few year to different causes, and its been a little upsetting to note that as I get older my list of good friends I've spent time with in my youth dwindles.

hmmm sad, but its how it is I suppose, life goes on for some of us.

Also work is stressing, as we come to the end of the block and grading hell is here, we have to cope with new systems that don't work well and we're flapping about trying to make sure no one gets the wrong grade....the old systems worked just fine, but people are so intent to tinker they risk things breaking....


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

You Bastards

A painfully sad day today, can't explain in detail as his family are keeping things quiet, and I have to respect that. But I need to share...a dear friend passed away tonight, a genuinely lovely man, with whom I spent many evenings in far flung corners of the world, talking shite and getting drunk, and always expected there to be many more.

Getting old has many downsides, but the loss of such friends is easily the hardest to take... RIP mate. I'll have a few in your name.


Thursday, 18 October 2018

still waiting for the bad one.

It will come, its the internet, it always comes. But I'm still waiting to see the 1st bad review of my fact even the 1st middling review...until then I'll have to put up with things like this

"The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming by Brian Beuken is an awesome book and one I personally have been looking for for some time. Back in the day I have read through other game development books but this is the first one that truly provides real world useful info to help one get started with cross development on a Single Board Computer such as the Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black. This is more than just a game development book, it is a great introduction to OpenGL ES development which can be applied to UI development for small devices that support OpenGL ES. The companion website is a very cool compliment to the book and a place where the author Brian is quite active. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in game development on small devices but also folks that are interested in creating User Interfaces for mobile and other hand held devices.

The book is not without its blemishes, but Brian covers much of that on the companion site.

I'm looking forward to any follow up book that Brian creates."

Chuffed :D


Monday, 15 October 2018

Selling like a hot cake

My book's had a bit of a surge on breaking the top 50 for a couple of coding sub-sections..which on the face of it impressive, but in reality, I think it just sold 2 more copies last week.

Its surprising how few copies it takes to push it up the charts.

The US chart positions are less impressive, but I at least broke the top 1400..just

That said, my statement recently showed 223 sales in a period of around 4 months, if it does that again by the christmas statement I will get some moola...not much but enough for dinner maybe.

I am quite pleased though, getting good feedback from users, and some of my own students have been reading the library copies and commented on enjoying it.

I'm going to start giving a class next block using it as the main text book, sadly I can't force them all to buy it, but it will be nice if a few turn up with a copy.


Sunday, 14 October 2018

that better not be the start

of the end.

Been noticing a distinct stiffness and pain in my index finger joint....its starting to mess with my guitar playing, I do hope this isn't arthitis or something similar, I don't want to lose my guitar playing just as I'm in a band thats actually doing lots of guitar playing...

Asprin seems to take edge off but I'm going to see the doc, even if its not a big deal to him and just one of those age things.....its a big deal to me


Sunday, 7 October 2018

Ah well

You gotta give love a chance I suppose, but when it continually demonstrates a lack of commitment or interest in your life, its time to say stop.

Crazy idea to find love- experiment #3 over.

Conclusion....stop trying so hard, its not really something that should require effort.