Monday, 19 March 2018

Proud daddy gives birth to book

A very special package arrived, only 6 copies though but even so, its amazing to see the book finally in the paper... An unreal sense of pride, now swiftly followed by a sense of fear and dread as I complete the website, and hope that people like it.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Manflu over, chest infection of course

Yeah that was a mega manflu, pretty sick and unable to function for most of the week. But over it now, aside from the inevitable chest infection, which also isn't as bad (so far) as I've had

The strange freezing weather though is forcing me to think twice about going out in the cold, so Harvey's walks are being cut back to morning and evening, he can pop out the back garden for a pee.

Hopefully though its done with and the chest will clear up in a week or so.

The book is selling, on kindle at least pretty well, starting to get a lot of visitors to the site, so getting my ass in gear to make sure they are all Jessie and Stretch compatable, as well as Ubuntu and Debian builds

Had a couple of issues  though, mainly with the 2D library I build which I hadn't considered I'd built over the course of 3 projects so its much more than is described in the book, but thats ok, the core features are all there.

Better get back to work....still need to squeeze some time to clear the colecovision game, but work has been overwhelming this last 2 weeks, when I was able to deal with it.

won't get it done sat here on the upstairs.


Sunday, 11 March 2018

oh thats a bad one

Yup full man flu, fever, snot, painful chesty cough, headache, weeping eyes, chronic tiredness, and weak as a kitten.

Not your average cold. Going to be a few days to recover, not 100% sure I will make it to work, but it does seem the fever has broke, so I can read a screen again...wasn't able to focus on it for a couple of hours.

Worst possible time to get sick, got a tonne of work on 3 things to deal with and not been able to string 2 coherent thoughts together to actually do anything.

I'm going to try to clean up the house, there's snotty tissues all over the place, and not done the dishes for 4 days...ugg, its a mess.

Harvey has also not had a proper walk for ages, just letting him out the back, so I need to go clear up his mess as well.

Lets hope the chest infection that inevitably follows these man flu's won't take too long to clear up

ok...time to face the stairs...just need to work up to it.


Friday, 9 March 2018


stinking cold, really chesty...going to be one of those 6 week chest infection jobs I think



Monday, 5 March 2018


The book is due to release on March 22...according to, so all my preperation to upload files and support info is set for delivery on March 22

Except it just got released in the US.... I never though to check which has an earlier release date.

oh fuck

Just as well I hadn't planned to sleep tonight


Wednesday, 28 February 2018

No more drips

I finally changed the tap, its only a temp one though a cheap 20quid tap that really isn't quite big enough to give the clearance needed to fill the kettle, but at least the drip drip drip has finally stopped.

I wonder if this will also stop the voices in my, I'm not going to do that.. from telling me what to do.

I said no.


Sunday, 25 February 2018

Shit is getting real

the book is printed, amazon has the cover pic, and a small preview of the 1st chapter...i'm shitting myself hoping people like my chatty style of prose and can't wait to get my free copies so I can send them out to the people who helped make it happen.

 Bookie wookie
Annoyingly there's an error in the preview, which will be in the main book, nothing major, just an extra word, the, in a sentence, but its scary that I missed it before..

Not much I can do about it now though, unless it sells out and they want a 2nd edition.

The Website is up, still looking a bit clunky but its there, and the files are being tested now to go up live.
Going to be a busy few weeks till the 22nd March when it is released but then I'm going to least until the 1st negative reviews come in.