Sunday, 22 January 2017

is it over?

I had THE worst fit of coughing ever yesterday for about 20 mins laying down on the couch, it was horrible, but since then it seems to have died down at last...not totally gone, still the odd little clearing cough, but...I think...maybe...another day and it will be gone.

fingers crossed


Friday, 20 January 2017

oh c'mon

yup, still sick, still no mojo, still not able to get any real work done.

Going to try to do some codeing this weekend, don't care what, just got to push things throw and get some momentum going, I have a 3D Pi project to write to test that it can be doen for students, it also forms an important chapter in the book so if I can get that done a lot of the last pieces of the book will fall into place.

if...if I can stop coughing all day and collapsing with exhaustion at silly o'clock.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Missing the mojo

Even though I am finally on the mend, though still being plagued by coughing fits when I get a bit tired, I am not in a good mental place. Cloudy thinking and a total lack of motivation to work are just not pushing me forward at all.
I've still got shit loads to do with the book, some serious coding to get done and no matter how long I  sit at my screens I just have nothing coming from the brain to the fingers.

I need to find a way to push through this barrier, its really quite serious, I've had blocks like this in the past but never really for this long. I need to just get something done to clear the block, lol its like mental constipation, once I get the block shifted I hope the rest will come through a bit easier :D


Friday, 6 January 2017

still sick

I know, I should have gone to the doctors, but frankly getting out of bed  has been a massive effort most days, never mind calling before 9 so I've jsut been resting and chilling as much as possible,  dog walks in the cold not being too helpful.

I am improving, very slowly, the odd coughing fit aside I am aware of a a slight improvment every day, but wow am I this rate my Monday I will be almost fit...jsut in time to start work



Sunday, 1 January 2017

ok 2017, lets see if you can do a bit better

Here we go, another new start, 2016 was a horrible horrible year,so many deaths of childhood heroes.

And on a personal level so many mistakes and cock ups, but also good things, the book is almost done...(please be this month, please be this month)

I think this was the 1st time ever I went to bed sober...totally 100% sober.. Not sure I've done that since I  was 12. The tail end of a chest infecgtion from the Christmas flu,  and a poorly judged drinking session with Dutch Giant Jelmer who matched me drink for drink a few days after christmas, have put me right off booze for now.

But despite an early drink free night, I slept terribly, the fireworks went on till well after 3am, and poor Harvey was very stressed out by every single boom and bang.
Finall I dropped off, only to wake up at 6 and then 9-30 back to bed.

but I got up at 2, feeling a bit rough, and the cough confirms the infection is still there...I'll give it a couple more days then go see the doc again. He'll be happy to see me I'm sure.


Saturday, 24 December 2016

ups and downs of life

So Im about to face another christmas alone, but am far from sad about it, in fact its a bit of a relief. I had planned to spend it with someone I met on line and invited to stay with  me over christmas.
But rather than the funny cute witty girl I spent a lot of time chatting to, her evil twin sister turned up. It was clear on the 3rd day after 2 very tense days of her non stop yapping and arguing over the most trivial of things.

Its never good to say bad things about people, but wow, what a total cow, selfish, immature, irresponsible, and an absolute narcisist..

I could outline the crazy shit she did over the 3 weeks she was here, there wasn't a single day that went past (when she was actually here) , but it would end up as a novel.  She was making my life a living hell, and taking serious advantage of my good nature while simultanioulsy doing her best to run me down at every opportunity.

But after a series of stay overs with other people (probably men) she'd met on line(at my expense) she finally buggered off with some other guy. He's welcome to her, poor chap is in for a world of crazy, I had an incredibly lucky escape. Chrismas on my own is now a blessing.
Im dissapointed of course in one way, and its been a costly gamble, financial and emotionally, but I don't regret trying, I'd had worse blind dates, but you  can walk away from those. This was just a longer blind date.. It won't stop me trying again once I've had time to get over the impact.

And another up, last night Whetstone had their 1st proper gig, there were a few mistakes of course, I messed up one massive solo, but the fact is, it was a brilliant and lots of fun, We'll iron out the kinks when we review the footage, and increase our repetoire for new gigs. But it was brilliant.

Image may contain: 4 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, concert and indoor

And on the downside, I started to feel a bit crappy yesterday and was worried I woould not be able to perform my 1 song in the gig...but I managed it. But now I'm in the grip of a horrible cold.

oh well, shit happens.


Sunday, 18 December 2016

818 and the 1st reviews

818 pages, and still more to go, did I say a while back I was finished lol

its ok, I just keep adding to it and will edit it when I'm done.

my 10 students working through it are all providing really good info on missing content or confusions and I'm editing those in, this has been invaluable, and they all like it so far, which is even more ego boosting...

not much done this week, had a bit of a health scare, nothing serious just a little abcess in my throat that popped and I never felt it...but it gave me indigestion and bad taste/breath on an epic scale...anitbiotics to the rescue though