Monday, 14 January 2019

96.1kg but bouncing a bit

I think the body is settling into a clear out now, and its finally starting to drop the fat rather than lose water/crap  I hit 96.1 mid week but it has been bouncing around abit between 96.1 and 96.5 so very much depending on what I eat.

So having basically cleared out and got my metabolism to settle down its now time to up the activity levels and do some...gulp, excercise...

My gym membership seems to have lapsed but thats ok I still hate gyms with a passion, such soulless dull places, I hate the time wasted to go there, the time wasted to do the actual work, the boring and crappy act of exercise and the time to get home and stuff doughnuts in my face. uggg..

I will simply do some more hard walking and try to do a few sit ups and who am I kidding.. I just need to try to be more active and continue to eat less on as many days as possible. I do have lapses but overall its working out.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

96.5kg keep it coming

ok so thats nearly 3kg since the Fatman incident.... portion control and a bit more mobility but not much in the way of real cardio, aside form fast walks with the dog, who hates fast walks and insists on stopping to sniff, every, single, leaf to test if its worth droping 2 drops of piss on it.

I'm not at all getting used to being hungry, but I just have to keep in mind the 99.2kg

but ok, so far so, good, I am sometimes breaking the rules,  especially in the evenings,with a biscuit or cheese and crackers,  but overall smaller portions, and carrots for snacks is starting to pay off.

Once I get down to 90 I'll up the cardio a bit more and see if we can accelerate things a bit.


Friday, 4 January 2019

Another crowd funded meh!

After waiting a year and a half, ....yes a year and a half, I finally took delivery, after paying nearly 40euros for customs, of my much anticipated Jamstack.

oh well. Its a bit dissapointing, its certainly well made and does its job but the claim that it could be used outdoors and be as loud as an acoustic is not even close. 10watts its claimed, my 5W champ is 2 or 3 times louder. I was hoping it might be useful in a busking situation, but not really. (not that I'm planning on doing any busking but I like to be prepared).

It "might" be due to me using my Blueshawk, which as fairly low gain pickups, I'll try it on a humbucker system or a high output strat, but basically its not very good, I'm quite dissapointed.

All told, nearly 200euros...for a gadget that dosn't really deliver and 18 months+ of anticipation.

hmmm much like my love life....sigh.

At least I can sell it, it might help pay for my love life.


Edit... yes the higher output on my Suhr pickup Strar is indeed quite a bit louder, but still not at acoustic guitar levels, it can be gained but you get feedback and, its not for me, I'll put it on ebay, might get back what I paid for it.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year

Even though it seems that most of the hassles and agrivation from last year are still ongoing....hmm so much for a redo..

No real resolutions this year, I'm not a fan of the concept, but I do intend to lose weight and improve my dutch....not sure which will be the easy one.

I do have a feeling this is going to be a pivotal year, I'm trying to make more change in my life, and also get out of a very severe professional rut. I tried to get hold of a couple of freelance gigs in the latter part of 2018 but despite some interest, the projects never materialised, which is annoying but c'est la vie.

I've still got Benta living with me,  I haven't really pointed out that in my posts. She and I didn't work out as a couple, that was upsetting and a bit of a life changer, but we have to proceed as best we can. She's going to complete her masters in the coming year and then move on, in the mean time she's a house guest while we try to get on with things.

Financially though it puts a massive strain on me, which I need to do something about, not sure if that means a new job or trying harder to find some freelance work.

 I'm very very dissapointed in the book income, not in the book itself, or the process but the actual getting hold of any money its making is just such a bloody chore. I've learned a lot about how publishers work, they really are not the interested in looking after your interests...nieve on my part I think but hey ho. They will get round to checking my sales at some point, and sending money, probably in the form of a useless check (US spelling) but it will come, in the mean time frugality and focus has to be the key themes this year. I'll have to chase them in a few weeks.

Another book is in the works, but only as an expansion of my magazine articles, and I won't make much on that, but every little helps.

Anyway....its going to be a busy year, I hope I can get my motivation levels up to handle it.


Wednesday, 26 December 2018

a good start 97.2

I can probably say that the 99.2 kg was due to a mega kebab or something, but I have been careful to try to eat less after the shock, before the serious business of the diet starts and its startig to show results.

2Kg already, mostly due to the standard clear out of the old digestive system, so we'll call that the starting point.

The diet is simple, 1 main meal per day and not a massive portion.I need to eat musli/bran each morning, I don't normally eat brekkie but the metabolism needs to be able to know when the food is coming and not start complaining about being hungry by 10-30.

Lunch will be a small salad, preferably with protien, such as smoked salmon, but maybe some goats cheese, ham, or bacon. I do like a honey and vinegar dressing though, so that will also happen.

More protien, less carbs, and for snacking, its carrot sticks and soup, I just bought a months worth of cupasoup from Makro, as well as a fair amount of chicken.
I will top up with fresh salad (no point trying to constantly make my own)

so chicken, (no skin), pork chops (no fat..sob), steak (yum), some sushi/sashimi.I won't make quite so many stews, mince etc...but I won't totally abstain, just small portions.
I also have to get some fish, fresh.
And of course,  more walking, cycling (I can't run, don't even bother trying to tell me) and stairs, and as soon as possible the gym (shudder).


Tuesday, 25 December 2018

And I'll start before new year

Fatman is now going to make a start on losing the name.

I'm on a diet

Stop laughing at the back, I'm quite serious, I've lost a little bit since the 99,2kg shitfest, but I now have to make a serious start and reduce my calorie intake and get back to the gym, or at least get in a lot more cycling and walking (weather permitting)

I didn't have a massive pig out on Christmas dinner, the only real extravigence was cheesy mash..was lovely. but 1 plate of beef and potatoes with roast carrots..yum

1 hot meal a day, and switching to low cal, high protien dinners, as well as some non sugar musli or bran (at my age...I need it)

oh.... and booze, once a week and only a couple.


Tuesday, 18 December 2018

55 solar revolutions

So,...55, it feels much the same as 54, a few more aches, a few more lines, a lot more lbs and a few more regrets.

Trying very hard to see the positives but I'm really not sure, there's some bright spots in my love life, but lots of complications, some serious downsides to my finances due to the previous misfires of my love life.
I spent the day largely alone, doing some work, and not finding much pleasure in it.

I am also starting to look to new pastures, not something I've done for a while as I've been very happy here, but lack of engagement with work and brexit are making me re-evaluate what it is I want from life, and at the moment I've not toally decided. I see 20 years of mortgage still to pay, and a sense of tiredness and lack of working motivation thats hard to really get over. I work all the time, but seem to achieve very little.

meh....55 kinda sucks, I wish I could go back to 50, that was much more fun, but onward...ever onward.