Friday, 24 June 2016

UK votes to leave the EU

Mark this well...

The end of the UK........



Thursday, 23 June 2016

Officially scared

Tomorrow the UK votes on the referedum to say or leave the EU.

I have been watching this unfold with ever increasing incredulity, even more so when I analyze the actual facts of the leave campaign... There are none. Its nothing more than really idiotic appeals to emotion.

Take back control?? WTF you never lost it, the whole idea that the EU runs the UK is total nonsense perpetuated by morons who have no actual understanding of how the EU works and where we are in it.

I can list 100 different Leave campaign statements, and debunk every single one of them, every one...really,  but none of that will matter to those who are obsessed with believing the lies and taking back control.....of what?

Its an interesting social issue, the way lies that trigger with misunderstood belief can have far more traction in a group psyche than actual facts which are not just ignored but actively and aggressively dismissed as not relevant. Experts, eh, what do they know, when they don't agree with you. My 10% of world renowned economists know far more than your 90%, clearly!

Tomorrow the UK votes, and its 50-50. If they leave, my own position here in NL, and some 2million+ other brits living in the EU, becomes uncertain. The massive desire to leap into a completely unknown future is utter madness and will impact so many people is so many ways.

Remain have essentially stuck to the facts as far as our current status and situation in the EU are concerned but trying to counter the lack of acceptance of facts weakens them. Worse they engaged the Leave campaigns lies about what might happen after Brexit, with their own set of lies. Estimates about what would happen... causing a backlash and the fantastically stupid thing of the people telling one lie having it pointed out by the people telling 100's.

The honest fact is, no one has any clue regarding numbers on the impact of a Brexit. No one, so saying it will costs this, that and whatever is not even close to being realistic.

The facts are that a brexit will cause absolutely massive upheaval, for an incalculable amount of time, 2 years or 20 years, who knows? Most likely the latter, when the UK will have to try to re-establish trade deals, lines of import and export, as well as tariffs and other crap...its just all crap Crap they don't need to do now, crap that does not impact in their lives, crap that will fuck up the entire UK economy and crap that people seem quite happy to take with no idea exactly what that crap is or how bad that crap is going to be... A friend of mine is voting leave,'ll sort itself out in the end.............I have no words.

Bottom line is there is no reason to stick your finger in the fire, when everyone is telling you its a bad idea, the evidence proves its a bad thing, How bad you get burnt is an unknown factor, but hell yes you are going to get burnt.

I plan to take my Dutch citizenship asap, brexit or no, the UK as it is now, really isn't worth being part of, The scars of this vote will linger a long time and the rise of hate and blame politics is not something I want to be part of.
If it leaves I can only hope it does not bring down the EU with it, because that would be the single greatest mistake in history...I don't think it will though, I think the EU can move on without Britain and its miserable whining and obstructive obsession with being on the outside wanting to run the show.

Even so, I hope it stays, but I'm still leaving the UK


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Writing is harder....

Than I expected... I've come to a bit of a stop, mainly due to me working on the support projects that it needs, which in turn causes me to go back to the book to make changes as I simplify the code or make fixes.

I've got 300 pages now, and not much in the way of code added, so that will bump things up, but finding the energy to do it is proving hard..

End of year workload is always high, as I review graduation projects as well as deal with a mass of 1st year things.

But..I am not beaten, just need to keep going, its not quite a block yet, just a detour on the code. It will get better


I hope


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Summer's here...

Glorious weather today, makes me give a little bit of thought to clearing he back yard and giving the decking a coat of something...ronseal or whatever...Maybe not today, but certainly soon, also I think this summer the interior of the house deserves a few coats of paint.

Only 6 weeks or so till summer hols...A time to recharge and review the year, and of course finish the book, which is going really well, but still having problems formatting the code to go in, but I have some help from a couple of students to do that so I will try to focus on the the content while they format my code.

Better get back to it...pages don't write themselves even when you get to put in lovely artwork from talented students that say a 1000 words.