Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sat in my dressing gown doing coding, waiting till the suns over the yard arm

Been learning Unity5, I've dabbled with Unity on an off over the years, but never full on taken the plunge and "got into it".

Its a very nice package for a lot of great ideas, but as a coder it just does not make me feel very satisfied... I can do some nice things via the scripts but the overall lack of feeling I'm in control of the whole process makes me feel a little underwhelmed

I suppose I should learn how to write plugins for it, that will make it lot easier to actually feel that I'm doing something meaty with it.

Its not that its a bad package, far from it, its an absolute miracle of modern engine development....but I can't help thinking that I want it to do more, than what it does..I feel limited...even though I wholeheartedly agree I'm no where near imaginative enough to even test Unity's limits
And maybe that's it....Its really a package for people who want to write a game...something they've thought up, can explore their world in, and make it happen, really easy...

As a coder I get my satisfaction from taking a problem and getting it working....Unity does that for me...so where are my problems to solve....I'm not and never have been a game designer, so for me I feel I have little to do.

oh well....I have to become much more proficient in it, to aid students who are going to be spending the next block at least using it...the last thing I want is for students to ask, how do I do this...and me not know.....

only 6 hours will wine o'clock and I'll feel a bit happier about it then.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sad state of the planet

The Paris attacks are still dominating the news, the media being what they are, are not saying a lot about attacks happening elsewhere in the world, but the fact is the world is a sick and twisted place, people are living in fear and dread of what the lunatics will do next.

Its too easy to blame Muslims,Christians, Jews,Hindus, or even bizarrely  Buddhists who are now deciding its a good idea to harm other people.....its nothing to do with religion!

For the most part this is a socioeconomic issue. The poor are hungry and need food they see others wasting, the ignorant are uneducated and grasp for knowledge they feel is the truth, and the powerful, exploit all they can for their own gain, keeping people diverted while they rob and steal and consolidate their power

Religion is often used as a means to exploit the poor and ignorant, given the extent of the harm people do in religons name its hard to see those who manipulate the masses from the pulpits as men of god, they are just exploiters, themselves often exploited, every bit as bad as the political Tsars and dictators in their offices.

Religion isn't the cause of this madness, it certainly fuels it, and feeds the madness,  and we'd be so much better off without the delusion of sky fairies approving of the brutal acts we commit in their names. But its not the cause

But the cause is, as I said, the fact we have poor and ignorant people. On a planet where we're more than capable of feeding and educating everyone, with the means to do so via global communication and infrastructure that allows mass mobility.. We can educate and feed everyone. We can raise everyone's standard of living, we can demonstrate and in time convince everyone of the oneness of humanity and the simple beauty of knowledge. We can do all that...in a matter of a few years if there is a will.

But instead we focus on our differences, our homelands, our language, our skin colour anything that makes us different.
Our tribalism is deeply ingrained in our dna, that we trust no-one who looks or sounds a bit different, or worst has different delusional views on what happens when we die...

And this is just one more self important opinion on an internet full of self important opinions, none of which are listened to, and soon there will be another atrocity, in the name of a non existent god, planned by a deluded nutter, who will be doing the will of someone who's agenda is for themselves.......

We're seriously a fucked up species...our end must be near..


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Nice weekend...sorta

Been cooking.

I've filled the freezer again with a months worth of food, Curry, Mince and Tatties,, Mac & Cheese. There's still pasta and stew in there, I suppose I should make sure older meals rise to the top so they don't end up getting missed out when I play freezer lottery.
I've also started to take a meal with me to work, I really do enjoy having a nice hot (microwaves are great) meal at lunch, instead of the never ending and rather expensive sandwiches.

It also saves me an absolute fortune on food. One thing I discovered last year was that I waste a freaking fortune on food. Not all of which gets eaten, or it often ends up in the freezer for a year.
If not I was eating far too much takeaway, 2 even 3 times a week, at 15 euro's a pop....nearly 50 quid a week..

But doing this freezer lottery idea has been brilliant, meals work out as only a few euro's each and its all home cooked stuff, ready to nuke as soon as I get home. The only limit is it needs to be a 1 pot style meal, hence curries and stews...but since I like that kind of food, its not a problen

Means I have a lot more money to spend on booze!!!


Friday, 6 November 2015

TFI Friday

What a week, busy as fuck, so much time spent with students, several cock ups and getting home exhausted, but at least no actual school work to do when I get home. V2 is proving to be very intense 9-5 but so much easier during my own time.

Am just heading off to work now, hopefully a quieter sort of day, followed by several beverages of an alcoholic nature after work...