Saturday, 29 November 2014


Tommy Emmanuel  was utterly incredible, I felt humbled and dazed at the mans talent, I know there are many great guitar players around, and I strongly truly believe that saying someone is better than someone else is a pointless exercise.....But, this man...this man,.is in a league of 1. He's so far ahead of the others the comparisons remain pointless...genius isn't good enough. He really is the Best Guitarist in the WORLD today.


I'm in two bands, Starrcase is the school band made up mainly of NHTV teachers and partners, and we do fairly regular gigs at school events. But also I am in another band, my friends the Gadgeteers... our progress to gigging has been a more labored process as we struggle to find a sound/genre we all agree with so we've only really played for family and friends, but we had our 1st proper pub gig this month, it went pretty well!
We have some video I am going to edit together mainly to remove my shocking backing vocals...but it did actually go well. We learned a lot, made a few mistakes and got great feedback that we can hopefully use to take us to new levels.. The Gadgeteers are coming, to a small backyard pub near you.

And marking hell is upon always, has taken almost all my work and spare time...and I've got some more to do, so hence the lack of an update.

Time for some guitar playing then I can get up early for more marking.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

I appear to have grown up

I have finally realised that Dr who is in fact a kids show, not an actual intelligent Sci Fi show for adults...At least not when Stephen Moffat is writing it.


and breath

I think that's it, 50 years, and I have to say goodbye to my childhood.

Bye Bye Doctor at times it was brilliant, but those times are few and far between now, time for me to move on.


Here's how it should be done.

Not had time to do a video, been marking non stop all week, and coding. But I have been doing the guitar parts of Night after Night and have almost worked out the entire song :D Soon as I memorise the words I'll start on a video.

Might be a few more weeks now as marking hell has come with 80 odd projects to grade from the 1st and 3rd years...will take a bit of time to get it all sorted.

As a treat though about the time I finish all that.. I get to see the greatest guitarist in the world,...yup...he really is...playing in Utrecht.

The amazing Tommy Emmanuel .....Cannot wait to see this amazing player.


Monday, 3 November 2014

Coding catchup, and time for bifocals

Marking is going ok, still takes a lot longer than I want it to, I got fed up with students demanding their 1st homework grades, so after I did them I decided not to give them...They need to realise grades are not as important as their actual assignments they'll get their grades when I have finished the 2nd assignments, then have to start grading the final assignments...they better be good.

Also doing a bit of coding on other things, my own projects and learning new PS4 stuff, lot of work...I have to do a course next block that I've never taught before, so have to do a shed load of revision. I know the material, but its far away from being something I specialise in but it is daunting but fun.

Age is catching up with me so fast now, 51 in a few months and everything aches, creaks, or is misfiring. Knees, back, groin, the only thing that is not hurting at the moment is my shoulder..its probably taking a rest before coming back with a vengeance.

My eyesight is also becoming noticeably worse, we revamped the living room a few weeks ago, and now the TV is a full 2-3 feet further away, just far enough that I can't actually read the TV guides of program summaries,
So I have had to wear glasses, more often, when watching telly...its all nice and bright and sharp now :(
Trouble is I can't switch focus to things I am reading, or working on my looks like bifocals for me next time  go for an eyetest which I think I going to be soon.


Saturday, 1 November 2014

wow, thats a song and a half

I was watching a really impressive drama documentary on BBC the other night about WWI tank crews. It was pretty harsh but very informative.
But at the end credits I heard a song that just blew me away, I'd never heard it before, even though its a few years old now.. thank you google for helping me find it.. It is this

I think this is possibly the most beautiful sad song I have ever heard and it just speaks to me.

I'm going to record it as soon as I have some free time, the original is in a drop D tuning but I was able to work out a reasonable normal tuning version, I just need to practice it a bit more and find a key I can sing it in.

Anyway readers, if you are both reading this, check it out, its wonderful. Mine won't be 10% as good, so soak it in before I ruin it for you.