Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mid week chillax and cost of drugs.

3 lovely days of peace and quiet...lots of coding done, and some guitars plonked..I can feel the stress falling away.

I have some marking to do, so will probably do that tomorrow, then continue to enjoy my break, but I can definitely feel the return of my calmer self.  No rants at people doing daft things, just me time.

My tennis elbow has pretty much gone, I have full function again and very very little pain, apart for my wallet. I got an odd bill from my medical insurance company,  which I managed to find out online was for drugs and hospital visits, which I have to pay the 1st 360euros of...ouch. I didn't know that.

But the pills the doc gave me for the nerve damage was a shock, nearly 60euros...for a pack of 24 pills.....WTF.... and a couple of other odd charges I need to ask them about.
I'm a bit ticked off that the doc never mentioned that there was such a high cost attached to the meds, if she had told me I think I would have passed on the idea and just loaded up with the much cheaper, 7euros oxcontin, I'd have been stoned for 3 weeks but the pain would have been manageable.

Lesson learned, always ask the cost of drugs.

We have some visitors staying this weekend, so Brenda wants to do a tidyup.....hmmm well its tidy as far as I can see, its how we live, why make it tidier??? Anyway Spare room does need a bit of a clean out.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

gaps are getting long?

I'm not neglecting you reader,  its just been a rather busy month, lots of work to do, and been playing with some toys and trying to get some stilly end of project bugs out of my Z80 game..

My BeatBuddy has been proving to be fun and frustrating at the same time...its fun as a drum machine, it really does exactly what it should, I was however hoping to sync it with my loopers so I could have drum backings on my loops but that's proven problematic...ironically not because of the BB, but the loopers themselves really don't want to play with MIDI. I need to keep playing with them.

The software for it arrived, or a least a beta, its just about usable, but I am buggered if I can see where 10+months of development has gone. Its very limited and lacks a lot of functionality...but hey ho....I might be able to help them out with it later, the guy who invented it is very approachable.

In other news...ummm not much to say, my tennis elbow/nerve damage has slowly improved and I am almost pain free.

I finally went to Den Haag to find the famed M&S and have so far made two trips...Pork Pies....oh god such nice pork pies...sausages, that even Brenda loves, pies, pasties and packs and packs of Jammy dodgers and ginger nuts...lovely.

We tried a small financial experiment this month too, setting a fixed food budget and making sure we paid cash for things...we seem to have managed to eat very well all month so far and will get to payday with a few quid spare...Normally we're a little bit short, but we eat far too much takeaway and restraint meals, so this has been quite an eye opener. Given that this month we had the council bills all due too we didn't want to get into the red...We will keep this up and should be able to put a small buffer into the savings account so big council bills and unexpected holiday expenses won't hurt as much.