Friday, 29 March 2013

90.4 fading away

weight loss is slow but it is hey for me..

Been a busy couple of weeks and am now happily looking forward to a nice long easter weekend followed soon by a week off....even more hey for me. So lots to catch up on..

I am having major hassles with the bank though, getting the mortgage  transferred into my name has proven to be a nightmare of a job, after 1st forcing me to clear up my credit cards which took several months, the supposedly easy process has become harder and harder each step with documents I need, then don't need then need again and legal people who want to charge for translations then don't and then do and then don't and now papers I need but don't know anything about as well as insurance I don't have but need to get, all topped off with shockingly poor response from the ban advisor who is supposed to be implementing this simple process.


Its all becoming a total pain and my patience with the advisor at the bank is running out, one more idiotic delay is going to result in a serious complaint to her managers.

The weather here has been shocking as it has back in the UK, very unseasonal, even yesterday as we went out for an end of week drink it was snowing...this hasn't helped my cough much, though am hoping it will be gone soon...just in time for the next cold!!

Not had much chance to record or practice, finishing off the block has taken all my time and making myself available to students usually means everything gets done at the last chance....even on Thursday I had students who were warned to book my time 2 weeks ago, asking to book my time...which was all used up....crazy

But time to get the guitar and bass strapped on and do some work. Both bands are now gearing up for the summer. We have 2 Starrcase graduation performances to get ready for in June, and the Gadgets with our new drummer, Asime, well in place, are now focusing on a proper set list in the hope of doing some pub gigs this proper practice schedules are being worked out. Some of them at my new fav rehearsal place in Rijsbergen

I have to do a little bass playing again with Starrcase since our bass player has taken a short absence...we hope not for too long my bass playing is still quite poor.

Both set lists are shaping up well and we will be practicing the new songs over the coming weeks, I even sing in one of the Starrcase numbers....poor graduates!!

On the home front things are breaking down...the washer and dryer both died last week, I was lucky and managed to revive the washer but the dryer is kaput...The heating and vent system also need looking at, the boiler keeps reporting an A16 error...whatever that means and needs resetting...uncomfortable if you are in the shower at the time. The vent is stuck on number 2 setting even if set to 1, so it looks like a short somewhere in the control cables.. for now I have just unplugged it. I just have to be careful not to let Brenda's burnt cooking set off the alarms :D (I never understand people who eat well done steaks...let along charred to the colour of coal!!!)

All this means expense...added to the normal expenses this month of rates and taxes its proving to be a bit of a strain on the old guitar buying for me...and of course a bunch of wonderful bargains are showing up everywhere..

summer is nearly here though, with the warm weather and the nice summer bonus....just in time to bail me out.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Getting harder and harder to post these widgets in here..

heard this today and thought the chord progression was amazing so had a go at it, once I had the main loop in my RC300 I had to play and sing over it....its not bad for 1 take.


Monday, 11 March 2013

92.1 the countdown seems to be stuck

hmmm weight loss not really working yet. I suppose I have to do that gym thing....god I hate the idea....

I've had the most horrible chest infection for 3 weeks and am still coughing a bit, that and my wrist has stopped me doing the gym thing....
But the infection has started to pass and the coughing has reduced I can breath a bit better now...but the wrist is still a problem....drugs are not working :(

Oh and I have a new laptop for work...oodles of power but the mousepad is just too damn close to the keys and I keep tapping it...its worse than the old laptop....I'll be using a new ergo keyboard at work soon so hopefully I can avoid using the keys or try to change my typing angle and prevent the tapping problem

I hate changing laptops, its never a simple process there's always something not working right and we need to have all our work software up to speed. ICT normally ask you to hand over your old laptop when you pick up, but I held my ground and asked for a transition period. But still not quite ready to hand back.

The washing machine appears to have a problem, I think there may be a blockage in the pumping system, so am going to strip it down sometime this week, if that does not machine time...I suspect a reapir will cost more than a new machine and since its 5 years old now maybe its time for a new one.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

92.1 the countdown restarts

I am taking the 1st of March as a new start to the diet....I've been having a lot of photo's taken of me recently and simply don't recognise the fat bastard I see in them, also during band practice I caught sight of myself playing reflected in a large guitar actually was at a 30 deg angle resting on my fat tub....enough...the fightback must continue...low cal meals from now on, and as soon as this niggly left over from the cold chest infection has cleared up back to "gulp" gym.

target weight is 70Kg, I am not going to set dates, when it hits it hits, but I am quite determined to get in decent shape for our big graduation gig in June.........So no more snacks...well except when I am at the movies, as I was tonight...but thats it, for sure.


Friday, 1 March 2013

More drugs....

Doc wants to try some anti immflamatory painkillers for a while and I have to change my typing style...this makes sense, since its typing/playing games on keys that is causing the problem.

I will go buy a wired ergo keyboard from MediaMarkt or someplace that I can take to work with me since I have ergo key boards on my home comptuers and its really the work laptop thats the problem.