Sunday, 21 July 2013

87.7 and 95% perfect

the song that is not the weight..but as I say I have guests...
Still a few errors, especially the little bridge interlude..but this is what I've been working on for a week or so...can't quite get it 100% right yet but everytime it gets a wee bit better.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

87.6 I know...I know...but I have guests

I can't force mum and the Gurrrls to eat what I've been eating so we've been indulging a little bit...I promise to get back to it when they are gone...mind you I'm so busy running around after mum now that I might just fade away anyway. :)

Nah its nice to have the, both groups had terrible delayed flights to Netherlands which made Mondays trip to Schiphol a bit of a waiting game. Mum is not as mobile as she used to be sadly and walking around the terminal begging for loose change as a means of raising funds probably wasn't my best idea.

But I acquired a wheelchair and pushed her around till Steph arrived, and we all headed home, tired and worn out after our early starts and long waits.

I rented a scootmobile, one of those little shopping trikes you see around, for the week, so she can get around with that when we go into town later..

Since the girls were happy to share a bed I've had the attic to myself so was able to practice a bit more on my recordings, even singing to them at one point, only to have Danni accuse me of miming....when playing life....sigh...Nearly ready for a recording.
Also I cut a mighty hole in the attic balcony door, to fit the vent for the air con....oh its lovely having a cool if slightly noisy room in the house ;)

Am currently sat in front of my PC waiting to do an interview with a documentary maker about my time at the Mighty Ocean software many years ago. I have fond but if I'm honest vague memories of my time at Ocean, but will put down as much as I can remember. I'll post links to the documentary when it is released.


Monday, 15 July 2013

86.8 Getting ready for the invasion

Well I've done all I can, Aircon system in the attic but not properly plumbed in.. I need to do a bit of fancy jigsaw work on the door to fit the exhaust pipes, but I'll try to do that tomorrow.

New bedding bought, new pillows bought, broken bed fixed, new chest of draws in place, borrowed TV arriving tomorrow, and most of the house cleaned up..though could do with a quick vacuum...I'll try to do that tomorrow.

Mum and Danni arrive 1st at 9.30, meaning I need to get an 8.00 train to be there in time..though I can still catch them if I get the 8-30 train.

Steph arrives later at 1pm so I'll take mum up to the cess pits of the dam for a couple of hours or maybe bring them back to Breda for a snooze as they will be up very early to make their trip.

I got sooooo  close to doing my recording, but just not quite there. It sounds brilliant though,  a bit of looping madness extravaganza, even with the fluffs, but want to post a perfect version only...probably will have to wait till the family leave now... oh well. I might try and play it for them....that will be fun :D

Better get to bed.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

86.8Kg :D Holidays...time to put on some fat :)

Or not....:D pleased to see the BBQ splurge has left and brought me back under 87kg still a ways to go, but every day I see a small drop and am not starving mad...though I'd kill for some chips/

Holidays have started, barring a staff meeting and BBQ tomorrow to send us on our way, its holiday time :)

I have a few interns to mark, but some of the supervisors have not responded yet but I'll get them in my own time over the next week or so.

Mum, sprog and bro's sprog will be here next week, running me ragged most likely, Brenda is off to do a language course in August, and I'm going to get some coding done on a small PSM game idea I am getting some students involved in.

Oh and recording.. I have been working on something really cool, but just can't quite hit it 100% every time in order to make a recording..this weekend perhaps :D Watch this space.


Friday, 5 July 2013

87.5 back on the treadmill

I have now be more active, since uni is winding down, I am not going to be doing my daily cycle to work... the time for the really this time I mean week....honest.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Off to London next month

Its the TCE 10th anniversary next month, so am heading off to London for a couple of days celebrations and networking with loads of old and new friends, starting on the 9th August and lasting a few days, depending on the strength of our livers.

I don't pop back to the UK often which means I don't really get a chance to meet up with old if your not on TCE (shhh don't ask...if you don't know I can't talk about it) and fancy a few drinks that weekend, get in touch.

Though I may have to go and do some Denmark street shop....I mean window shopping ;D

It is a pain to organise though I was going to fly over, but once you factor in trains its to Schipol and then on landing into London, its pricey...

Train is not much better...

So despite not having the best experience last time due to delays I am going to get the bus...the main advantage being simple city to city travel. A few nights in a decent hotel and lots of old TCE chums will make it a perfect weekend....hangovers permitting.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

88.1kg Marking is over....yeeahh

The sushi and bag of chips and weekend BBQ put back a few pounds as you can tell but I am back on  the diet again hoping to get a  few more Kilo's off before the ladies of my family invade in a couple of weeks.

Its been a few marathon late night sessions of marking this weeke and last, but I have done all the block 4 courses..barring a few errors/appeals...I am free at last. Just some CT2 retakes on Friday and we're done.

Got an uncomfortable meeting on Thursday to deal with a range of student complaints though....hopefully none serious but won't know till then. My grades are are good and feedback usually well above average, just hope my slow grading in previous blocks is not going to come back and bite me.

Looking forward to the break I can tell you.