Tuesday, 25 April 2017

and moving to new shooters

Again an extension of the scrolling platform game, the skramble game is more or less complete...this is the last of the software rendered sprite games, this is now being converted into a hardware sprite based mega shooter, with particles and so on, should only be another days work on that then I can move fullto to polishing the 3d.

Ironiocally the 3D stuff is far easier to do, and hopefully will only take a few days so I can make my deadline, and have an early night.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

to sleep perchance to dream

Massive massive amounts of work done this week and last, but this week in particular, huge amount of writing and coding, but still not able to nail the coffin lid down on 2 projects...but the big project, the book, has been given another small extentions, so tonight I don't see the need to work til 4/5am though I probably will

Got a nice long weekend to come up now for Easter, thank you jeebuz.. and hopefully I can finally finish the Coleco game and complete the last 3 projects on the book. they have all been written and work fine, but I need to condense the descriptions into 1 section. I compressed 3 2d examples into one and it saves a load of pages, though it did take a while to code..

Anway....aside from a trip to Amsterdam tomorrow, I don' t need to set any alarms when I finally collapse in bed.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

abra cadburys

Been working on converting a single screen plaforrm game

into a multi screen scrolling game...these were originally 2 separate projects but space has become critical in the book so I needed to put the two projects together and show how to turn the 1st into the 2nd with the aid of a couple of simple concepts.

Saved quite a few pages and I think it makes the experience a lot more fun.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

no Brian 4 hours is not a nap

so the cycles of 20 hours work, 6-8 hours sleep and yesterdays 4 hours to come back to nomral time for work purposes, had me crashing to noddy land with a bang.

I did a huge amount of work today, but felt myself running out of steam around dinner time, and realised I was about to fall asleep whether I wanted to or not.

anyway yes I dropped right off, and sleep through the 1 hour timer I se up and 4 hours later I'm up.

so yes, back to work, and probably end up back in bed for 8am, just in time to get to work at 10 ish

silly sleep/work cycle Im faaaar too old for this shit.


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Just like busses

So after spending over a grand on dental treatment with as it turned out, 250 euros worth of cover, you'd think my troubles would be over.

nope...new toothache on the other side of my mouth....wonderful. I can't really afford to do anything about it as I have shed loads of other things to pay for at the moment, going to have to wait till we get our May bonus to sort it...

I wonder whats next on the horizon to drain my already strained wallet?

Better go buy a months worth of ramen noodles from the local Asian supermarket, that's 5euros I wanted to save!!!


Friday, 7 April 2017

Just keep coding, just keep coding

And take the odd break now and again to post nonsense on here while I try to remember if I already explained virtual functions in a previous chapter, oh  I did, ok better move that part.

I'm very tired, trying to work round the clock, only stopping to eat and drink, and then sleep.
its working out at 20hours or so work, 6-8 hours sleep, so I am rotating through nocturnal and diurnal (I looked that up), Progress is good though, but not sure its good enough. Still got a couple of big bits of code to write up, and the page count is not dropping much.

I did get it down as low as 850, but now I'm doing the bigger 3D games which need a lot of chatter to explain its crept back to 900+.. I've chopped things I don't really need to talk about too but so far its all still quite a lot of words..

who's idea was it to write a book!!!

oh shit yeah!


Friday, 31 March 2017

Oh fuck me....I thought I was good at this shit.

20 hours, 20 bloody hours hunting for a strange weird bug, 20 hours, no matter what I did I could not find it, I was certain I'd put the right things in the right order, and comparing them with another project doing more or less the same thing.... it should have worked...it didn't

in the end it was a typo, noting major but it stopped all my rendering from working..
see if you can spot it.

    dst_rect.x = 16;
    dst_rect.y = 16;
    dst_rect.width = p_state->width;
    dst_rect.height = p_state->height;

    src_rect.x = 16;
    src_rect.y = 16;
    src_rect.width = p_state->width << 16;
    src_rect.height = p_state->height << !6;      

    dispman_display = vc_dispmanx_display_open(0);
    dispman_update = vc_dispmanx_update_start(0);

yup.....I'm well pissed off.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Renouncing my British citizenship, step 1

Well, today's the day, the Letter has arrived and the UK has pushed a self destruct button it can't unpush.
I am too depressed to even comment, I'm going to withdraw from political debate now. I no longer consider myself a Brtish citizen, even though I'm hesitating on pulling the Dutch trigger, I will start the move to regain my European citizenship as soon as I can, I feel its time to leave the UK behind me and let it get on with its self immolation
a sad sad day indeed.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Oh dear....I have how much insurance?

Not as much as I thought...I honestly thought I had 1000 euro cover....dunno why I had that number in my head but that's what I thought I had... Its a shame I thought that, because if I had thought a much lower number I don't think I would have asked for such expensive treatments and would not have to worry about paying out a lot of dental bills.

Yup, I had 250 cover...and the bills are already up in the 800+ with at least another 150 to go.


Can't upgrade it till 1st Jan 2018 either so nothing I can really do but take the hit, get the teeth fixed and limp on till payday a whole month away.

Anyone have some nice noodle recipes?

I can cover it, though I have some heavy expenses this month to deal with too, fortunately I have been saving up the pennies and can take some of the hit on the chin. But economy drive has to kick in, no more Grand Cru Champagne and 1000 euro a night hookers for me.. back to cider and grab a granny nights

Good job the freezer is full of food cooked and uncooked, and I have arranged to work from home for the next week or 2 to finish the book, this means I won't be spending money on bad sausage rolls in the canteen though I might have to stock up on coffee.

Damn dentistry is expensive.

Never mind, back to the book, I'm in a final fix up and edit phase, as well as a couple of projects needing polish ready to go onto a support site I still have to get up and running....hmmm better get off here and back to it.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Dentists are not fun

So back to the dentist to get the root canal filled, fortunatly no more pain, and not even a jab this time the root was finally dead. The process was for more methodical and time consuming than I remember from my 2 previous root canals, lots more equipment involved for a start, and I know that becuase ever single piece of it was listed in my bill.

520 euros........and thats not counting the 200 odd from last month.

sheez thankfully I have insurance, and managed to work out how to get them to pay up, or at least  how to send it to them, I  am now awaiting them paying up. but seriously, 2.5 hours work in total, does not come to 700+ euros, I mean really.


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Not so bad.

Phew, the cough has not taken major hold, I stayed off work for a couple of days, and slept as much as possible, docs wern't much good I will never understand this lack of AB's to patients, but I  suppose its fair that by the time I went I was indeed on the mend.

I have been doing masses of technical work on the book projects, lighitng is something I've never really done at a low level, so its been quite fun to re-connect with all that old theory I kinda knew, and now have reworked in my head. The Pi is surprising me every day with what it can, and of course what it cannot do.

Still got a lot of coding to do though and am working flat out to get it up and running and documented in the book.

The publishers extra time is taking a bit of pressure off me, but I still worry about the page count, its going to be massive before I can do the big edit.

I also have to be careful I dont' turn nocternal, I do soooooo much more work in the evenings, which quickly turns into the late nights, then early hours, then mornings..Going to bed at 9am is not a good plan when I have to be back to work tomorrow.....

I'll get some rum, that'll cure it.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I must be the unhealthiest man in Europe

A minor cold...not even a flu, certainly not manflu, it barely even gave me a runny nose and aside from a sexy croak to the voice it didn't bother me at all. I manly ignored it an carried on with my daily grind.

Of course now its ending, its big brother the chest infection has come along...with all the full might and fury of the last chest infection I had. 3 days so far of coughing getting worse and worse each evening...this evening being especially unpleasant.

WTF! how come I keep getting these...I've had to cancel a lecture tomorrow, no way I'd get through it as the sexy voice is now breaking up and the cough is pretty much constant.

I'm going straight to the docs this time though, there is no way I'm going through another 6 weeks of this crap.

He's giving me AB's and thats the end of the debate.


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Strange work habits

Im not and never have been someone who adheres to a normal work/life/sleep balance. I have always enjoyed working at night, I seem to have a lot more focus and intent when working in the small hours.
Of course the side effet is that after a few days of such efforts I turn nocturnal, Though there are some strange exceptions like now.. I worked late the other day/night, but had to get up while still am,  and the result was I was knackered all next day, and succumbed to an early night last  night at 9-30. only to wake up around 10 and then not get back to sleep...So I basically snoozed for 30 mins despite beign drop dead exhusted enough to go to bed so early.

After atempting to drop off by watching some TV I eventually realised I was awake and time to get up. I did a mass of great work, went to bed aroudn 5...work up at 9


need to have a power nap now.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Toothache still there...

So after the root canal work nearly 2 weeks ago, I am still in pain, clearly the nerve is still active..so will have to call and get a rapid appointment for more fun torture in the chair...not something I ever want to have to do again.

Its carnival time too, so not even sure the dentist will be around to do anything.

grrrr this is genuinely annoying, my worst dentist expereince just keeps getting worse.

Also my head is exploding with work, been finishing up the book with some of the more intricate and fun parts of programming,  which has meant pushing my knowledge of things I don't normally spend a lot of time with, such as model loaders and fancy lighting systems.

In one sense its fun, I am fully aware of the theory and practice of lights and shadows in a rendering system, but its not actually all that often that I have to code it, most of the time I'm using libs or firmware that really smart people write,  and this indeed is the 1st time I've had to code it on a raspberry in OGLES2.0. With interesting levels of success.

The much much slower hardware than I am used to has forced me to look for simple and clever systems to do what a PC/PS4 does with no effort at all and considerably complexity.

But as hard as it is, its actually great fun, there's no real challenge sometimes in coding a PS4, or even a Wii,U, the hardware can more than cope with my bad shader design. With the Pi, any shader with more than 10 lines in it is going to struggle. Its quite fun really, more like the old days when eeking out ever cycle mattered.

I'll post a few pics soon, of a fully lit scene with lights and animated models, I have all the separate parts working...getting them all working together though is the challenge.


Carnival, no thanks!

The southern parts of NL are currently in the grip of fancy dress salesmen and oompa music musicians, Its the closest thing to hell on earth I can imagine.

Yes Carnival is here, but I'm not getting involved, I've done it a couple of times but I guess I'm just not that into getting drunk until you fall over then get carried home by strangers and taken advantage of.

The Dutch can have their fun, as much as I want to be Dutch this is one thing I can do without, well two if you count the never ending obsession with sandwiches.

I shall be staying at home, working on my book and other projects, maybe even taking a trip to Ikea.....I need to add a couple of layers to my book case.

After losing all my writing momentum when I was ill, I seem to be back in full flow, got lots done the last couple of weeks and been starting to write it all down. Its been nice to finally see some animated models on my Pi. Next up is shadows....wish me luck :D

Not going to make my end of Feb deadline, but if I can keep up this pace I won't be far away from it.

The book is going to be finished in the next couple of weeks, or I will........there's a worrying thought.

off to bed now, as I contemplate how to optimize my frame rates...programmers..we never stop thinking about our frame rates.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

tooth no hurty now

well still a tiny niggle but I just ate a small pack of pringles with no issue, 1st "crunchy" food I've had in day. I've been sucking down pasta the last few days, so its nice to be able to bite.

looks like things will be back to normal, aside from the wobbly front tooth I have to stimulate the gum around....
Can' wait to eat a proper meal tomorro


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

That is an inhuman level of pain

I''ve been in the dentist chair many times, had several fillings, a couple of root canals, and some incredible agony from the evil hygenists of the world

But today, I had the worst experience ever ever ever in a dentist chair, root canal work, 1st dose of local froze the gum, but I felt the drill, and boy did I fell it when it went to the nerve...cue dentist decision to inject the nerve itslef.

ermm I can honestly say that was the worst suggestion ever, don't ever let a dentist do that to you, she only got ot touch the nerve and I was screaming pain. so more local, and 2nd attempt...same result

4 injections of local in total and a decision to wait 20 mins...and finally it was done...

So I don't undertand what kind of weak assed shit local she was using but clearly it was not enough..

In all those times in the dentist chair I've never really experience pain....

To think some torture techniques are based on this....I'll admit to anything under that and I only managed to take about 4 bursts of less than a second...

Incredible, I was sweating and shaking in teh waiting room...scared to go back in.

Currently now avoiding biting down but that will settle in a day or 2, thankfully I have some good painkillers here....and booze...booze and painkillers for the pain...the booze.....medicinal.


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Cosy buttocks

Really liking my new chair, still not quite got the grooves of my butt cheeks molded in, that'll take a year or 2 but its nice for now.

Been incredibly busy both at work and at ...errm work, of the book type.  Getting a new project set up for students to work on the Raspberry Pi, has been incredibly fun, though not had massive time to really get into it and have misjudged the availabilty of some models I want them to use. But they will hopefully have a fun 1st week getting a few cubes and a model up and running on the 50machines I persuade the school to buy (I must remember to buy shares!!)
They are excited about it too, so this will be fun to see how well they progress.

I'm not using much of the book code for this, aside from a simple framework I've cut down from my cubes demo, so they will hopefully manage to get things worked out themselves and I can observe what they get stuck on and maybe change a few things.

I'm almost certain a few of them will surprise me with something incredibly clever and insightful into getting even more out of the Pi, I'll surely learn from them as much as they will learn a bit from me.

Personal life is looking up, I am talking to someone nice, again online, I did get bitten a bit with the last one I met in November, but you don't get anywhere if you don't try. And dating in real life is just not too practical at the moment. I am hopeful though that this lovely lady is going to  restore my faith in people. We're going to arrange to meet soon and see where it goes.

Harvey is getting quite deaf I've noticed, he's not waking up the minute I walk in now, and if he wanders too far from me on his walks he does not respond, coupled with his failing eyesight, he's turning into a rather lovely old man, still thinks hes a puppy, but he is avoiding going upstairs now, since he tends to fall down :D.

I also lost a filling before Christmas, and becuase of the illness and then the pressure of catching up, I left the dentist a little too late....finally got to see them, and, sigh,  root canal is booked for March 16...gulp, also had the usual experience with the dental hygenist, better known as Vlad the Gum impaler....as I have a very loose incisor, which I now have to ensure horrible extensive clearning in  the hope the gum can be stimulated to regrow (I've had receeding gums for 30 years) and save it..grrrr I hate dentists, I never used to but the whole cancer thing left me utterly  fed up with being prodded and poked...oh well I guess I pay for the insurance so I better use it.

The book is slowly picking up speed again, I ground to a massive halt when I was ill, and the momentum has been utterly destroyed, but its picking up, I honestly don't see me making the end of the month deadline (which I think is the last friendly extension I am going to get) but I don't think I'll be too far away, maybe another couple of weeks over. I have a week off coming up on the 27th and I will be turning off the internet and just working none stop till its done.

And on that note, time for this short break to end and for me to walk Harvey and get back up stairs to imprint my butt cheeks and impregnate some flatulance into it.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Ah think am a back babeeee

A few days of doing small tasks, but getting them done and I am finally starting to feel like I can take on some work and get it done.

Now, somehow I have to squeeze 2-3 months work I should have done in  Dec and Jan into 28 days.....going to be tight.


Sunday, 29 January 2017

The cushion didn't work out

despite being a fat bugger, there's not a lot of padding on my butt cheeks (I still have a cute tuche), and the cushion went a bit hard after an hour..so I went to Makro to take advantage of ther 25% discount weekend.,

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

its nice..my butt is comfy again... now what else can I do to avoid work?


Feeling better take 2

Ok, trying again, the little relapse only lasted 48hrs, and have been safe and warm at home, finally making a start on catching up on all the lost work.

My only issue now seems to be absurd sleeping habits, like tonight, after about 4 hours of coding,  I went to have a little lie down at 8pm as I was feeling tried, and figured a 30 mins snooze would not hurt.

I keep forgetting that snoozing when you live alone with no one to give you a nudge in 30 mins isn't a great idea.

So 4am, I am awake and wondering what to do with the early morning.

Work of course..But at least I am starting to get back into a flow, very slowly, but a few pages added to the book, and a 3D project starting to make sense.

Only one thing is bothering me...I really am starting to dislike my office chair, its one of those mesh chairs, solid enough but for the time I spend sitting in it, it does not feel nice..I don't get the sense that its making me want to sit for 8+ hours.

I was in Makro today and tried out a really awesome leather (maybe fake) chair...but at 150 ex vat, its a lot of cash.......

am I just making excuses? or will a couple of cushions solve the problem...time to get a couple of cushions and see...

....time passes

hmm cushion works quite well, think I just needed by bum raised a couple of inches higher than the chair could do.


Thursday, 26 January 2017

I spoke too soon

3 glorious days with no coughing fits, ended with a coughing fit, and another and another and...

fuckkkk me.,...

working from home today, staying as warm and cosy as possible, dog walks not withstanding and hoping its just a small relapse.

seriously fed up now.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I think its over..

3 days with no major cough fits, and I am starting to regain some energy...I think it over, the odd cleansing cough aside...

That... was....fucking....terrible

A month, a whole month and a few days,  lost to being ill, is it age that causes that? I eat and live quite healthy, a little overweight sure, but ...a month to get over a flu and chest infection!!.

horrible, horrible time, and its cost me so much work, I did almost nothing on the book, as my brain didn't connect to my fingers, missed several rehearsals with both bands, in fact...this will tell you how bad it was, I barely even touched a guitar....something I normally do every day, but there were days when I just had no desire.

I've lost so much momentum on the book, but other things have to come into focus now, I got behind on student feedback, and on some of my smaller projects. Also there's no food in the house, aside from a couple of weeks of freezer lottery, I haven't had a major shopping spree for provisons and tinned/dry goods, has to be done soon.

Time to try to get into the zone again...if I can. Start small, do little things to completion and gather up a head of steam\

Watch out world, I'm coming back.......maybe


Sunday, 22 January 2017

is it over?

I had THE worst fit of coughing ever yesterday for about 20 mins laying down on the couch, it was horrible, but since then it seems to have died down at last...not totally gone, still the odd little clearing cough, but...I think...maybe...another day and it will be gone.

fingers crossed


Friday, 20 January 2017

oh c'mon

yup, still sick, still no mojo, still not able to get any real work done.

Going to try to do some codeing this weekend, don't care what, just got to push things throw and get some momentum going, I have a 3D Pi project to write to test that it can be doen for students, it also forms an important chapter in the book so if I can get that done a lot of the last pieces of the book will fall into place.

if...if I can stop coughing all day and collapsing with exhaustion at silly o'clock.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Missing the mojo

Even though I am finally on the mend, though still being plagued by coughing fits when I get a bit tired, I am not in a good mental place. Cloudy thinking and a total lack of motivation to work are just not pushing me forward at all.
I've still got shit loads to do with the book, some serious coding to get done and no matter how long I  sit at my screens I just have nothing coming from the brain to the fingers.

I need to find a way to push through this barrier, its really quite serious, I've had blocks like this in the past but never really for this long. I need to just get something done to clear the block, lol its like mental constipation, once I get the block shifted I hope the rest will come through a bit easier :D


Friday, 6 January 2017

still sick

I know, I should have gone to the doctors, but frankly getting out of bed  has been a massive effort most days, never mind calling before 9 so I've jsut been resting and chilling as much as possible,  dog walks in the cold not being too helpful.

I am improving, very slowly, the odd coughing fit aside I am aware of a a slight improvment every day, but wow am I weary...at this rate my Monday I will be almost fit...jsut in time to start work



Sunday, 1 January 2017

ok 2017, lets see if you can do a bit better

Here we go, another new start, 2016 was a horrible horrible year,so many deaths of childhood heroes.

And on a personal level so many mistakes and cock ups, but also good things, the book is almost done...(please be this month, please be this month)

I think this was the 1st time ever I went to bed sober...totally 100% sober.. Not sure I've done that since I  was 12. The tail end of a chest infecgtion from the Christmas flu,  and a poorly judged drinking session with Dutch Giant Jelmer who matched me drink for drink a few days after christmas, have put me right off booze for now.

But despite an early drink free night, I slept terribly, the fireworks went on till well after 3am, and poor Harvey was very stressed out by every single boom and bang.
Finall I dropped off, only to wake up at 6 and then 9-30 ...so back to bed.

but I got up at 2, feeling a bit rough, and the cough confirms the infection is still there...I'll give it a couple more days then go see the doc again. He'll be happy to see me I'm sure.