Sunday, 29 April 2012

Video with loops

Are a lot easier to do than trying to do multi part vids.. Anyway..if you can tolorate the bad singing (Why do the gadgets I have to help singing not work, am I really that bad....don't answer that!!) This weekends efforts, I had some minor tech issues trying to feed the mixer output directly into the PC and avoid using the MAC and Garage band to reduce latency so the video software does not not suffer a lag on the sound..but once sorted it seems to be in sync the whole way through so quite pleased. Though I miss GB's post processing reverb...I'm sure I can figure that out though. Ahthankyew

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Spring Clear out

Having had a bit of a clean up, with a bigger one to follow, its time to accept I have too many g..g..g..g..g. gadgets. And maybe 1 or 2 unneeded guitars.

So...going to hit ebay and get rid of some of the unused or outdated pedals. I'm finding I can do pretty much anything I want with my Adrenallinn 3 and the RC300 in combination when needed with my detachable mobile board and EX7 pedal...

So the Zoom GX2 and probably the Jamman can go..The 607 bass pedal, can go too, though I will replace it with a more uptodate version. There's a load of other minor pedals I can get rid off too, that simply don't get used since I now pretty much always use the A3.

That should put a few bob into my bank account (or paypals) in the coming month..just in time to buy something else ;)


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Getting better with the looper

Still shit at singing though....but will practice..really like this, a few mistakes but the feel is really nice, I tried to redo this a few times with better vocals and never really manged it, so decided to leave it for another day
When that day comes I'll post a comparison...and see if my singing gets as good as I hope my playing will be.


Monday, 23 April 2012

Is it really hate?

As a frustrated and talentless musician I enjoy the chances I get to play with people, though at present I'm no where near confident enough to play for people live, I don't even play to family, just the band and then only on the understanding that we're all pretty crap but getting better.

But a few people have been suggesting I check out which is basically a live youtube. I've had a look at it recently not least because my collegue Dino, an avid performer and skilled guitar player, has been on there a lot and people keep mentioning it to me so I've checked it out a few times.

But frankly I can't get my head around it, its mostly full of show offs and camera wannabe's performing to 0-30 people on line, via very bad audio and visual stuttering that would bring 80's video phones to mind.

The talk channels are also equally bizzare, with ...well lets not describe them, if you want to see a range of "interesting" people with nothing to talk about talking about nothing, then head over there. But what bothers me most is the fact they have a voting system...if the viewers like you, they click like and you get another minute of psuedo fame if they don't you get voted off. Simples! (I love those meercat ads)

Great, democracy at work, the court of public opinion making its mark...that is, until you start to listen to the rants the people come out seems you're not actually allowed to dislike something, that makes you a "hater"?

Given that the range of performers are extremely eclectic, ranging from talentless to talented, deluded to amazing, shit to, well you get the idea, there has to be some acceptance that some people are just not going to like what is being "played"!

But no, people get voted off and get straight back in the queue to perform, starting off by bitching about the haters. Some going as far as to suggest some form of organised hatred responsible for their demise. I can't get my head around it, since when did not liking something make you a hater? If something pops up on my Ipod on a shuffle that I'm not in the mood for have I become a hater for hitting the skip botton?

If I'm watching a band/act and they are crap or boring or not really my thing, do I really have to stand there and wait for them to finish...The concept is really rather strange..It seems performers have a right to be annoyed because people don't want to listen them, and therefore are that right??

No..its idiotic, if anyone chooses to perform in whatever medium, even crazy internet based ones, they must accept that not everyone is going to like it and the listeners have a right, to "choose" not to listen to it..if that means hitting a dislike button to move then on then thats cool. It does not make them "haters".

I won't be signing up to younow, at least as long as the system is so shitty, it'll probably implode in a few months anyway, once the "performers", who feel they have a right to be listened even by those who don't like them, get into an excalating war with their "haters". They'll probably nuke them from orbit...its the only way to be sure.


ps bloggers new editor seems to have a few kinks it needs to work out formatting is all over the place..

Sunday, 22 April 2012

This weekened feeble efforts

lots of mistakes of course, but mainly getting the hang of my the result, I'll practice this more as a party piece I think Ahthankyew

Thursday, 19 April 2012

minor revamp

I noticed the counter at the bottom seems to be broken, so decided to revamp the layout a tiny bit, if the bottom counter does not fix itself I'll remove it. But added another one, though its off by a couple of hundred thousand.

But what amazed me is that so many people have actually read these posts...and I have 13...13 followers...of which, mum, is not one (its only a button ffs)
Who are you people? I know 1 or 2, but the others are a mystery, I'd love to know why you're here, it can't be for my idiotic ramblings on life, games and flat...oh wait maybe it is.

go a comment lets hear why you decided to follow this little nonsense corner of the interwebs?


Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I got into one of my occasional internet arguments the other day with friends of a facebook friend. I tend to keep my head down in there most of the time because quite frankly some of the people I know are nuts, as indeed are their friends.

I've not had a proper religion/creation/evolution argument for some time and probably won't ever becuase its pointless, the relgious delusion is so strong they call it faith and thats the end of any debate.

In the same way, the people I was argueing with are equally they hold a view point so dearly that no matter what overwhelming evidence is given to the contrary they refuse to alter their view.

The result is of course that they cling on to tiny factoids or supposed research, almost always only partially true, invent conspiracy theories or become detemined to prove that everyone is out to get them and that anyone who disagrees with them is the one with the closed mind.

These particular people were strong advocates of not vaccinating children, on the basis that it causes, death, disease, is part of a drug company consipracy, is unnessesary in modern times,its not effective, its a money making scheme etc etc..

Personally that got me mad, especially when they started spouting bollocks about people dying from HPV vaccines and MMR and pretty much anything. My cancer was most likely caused by HPV and I can assure you if a vaccine was available when I was younger I most certainly would have had it, and maybe still have most of my jaw today.

like all medicines, "some" people, a very few, will react badly. its one of those strange quirks of our evolution that there is always someone who is immune to some toxin and someone else who is deathly allergic to something simple and everyday, or in the case of vaccines perhaps something complex.. in a million to one situation when you vaccinate 50 million people, you're probably going to get 50 incidents, and perhaps sadly deaths or long term damage. This is the nature of things...More people die from nut allergies than have died from normal vaccination programs. But these people cling to that 50 incidents as proof positive that they're right and everyone else is wrong. They only want to hear "proof" of their viewpoint, and any other is dismissed, regardless of how well reasoned and presented it is, if they can't disprove it (they often try hard but can't) they sneer at it, and resort to "well they would say that wouldn't they..." types of dismissal.

I don't doubt some people have died, from normal vaccinations, certianly some have died from tainted or innappropriate vaccinations, but on the whole vaccinations like any other medical procedures provide great benefits.

So these people, well meaning as they may think they are, are basically delusional. But trying to explain this, is seen as an insult, and of course provides an escalation of insults such that further discussion becomes impossible. So they continue with ther delusions confident that having seen off the naysayer with their superior viewpoint and debating skills (ermm!), while still ignoring the facts presented to them.

I realise now, I know a lot of delusional people, people who think they are right, or have talents they clearly don't, or convince themselves they're not succeeding in life because others are putting obsticles in their way.

kinda sad, I wonder how that happens, when do you stop listening to the voice in your head that says, dude, you're taking shit, now start listening to what other people are telling you and make a rational decision even if it means facing up to being wrong.

Self doubt isn't a weakness, in moderate doses, its what stops us intially being annoying arseholes, and later from becoming delusional!!


Monday, 9 April 2012

Not a bad days work

Nahh Video is really much here's todays effort via garage band.

Still needs a lot of work though, too much string noise at the start and I lost my way with the vocals somewhere, almost like there's an extra couple of chords in there (quite probable)

This is now version 2.. The intro was really nice on Lucille but I hit a lot of unplayed strings leaving harmonics and string noise all over the place..So I redid the intro using Libby.

Next I'll work on the Wha, I was trying to emulate the Wha trumpet on BB's famous live almost works, but again too much unwanted strings and I need more distortion I think. Also one very bad bend that didn't hit the note...ah well.

The vocals on the 1st verse lose their way a bit, due to the strange chord change which is more me not being able to sing them than any actual fault in the progression I don't do power phrasing!!! But I'll have a go at redoing them next week. I used 23 Alt Gospal on the VL4 for those verses and I thought the tone was really nice...and believe it or not there's no pitch correction....probably should have been.


Last Lazy Day

Bina's back tomorrow and my turpitude must now end.

I've had a quick tidy up and everything is in order, I am tempted to nip out and have a night on the razzle, but its miserable and raining and I'm a bit skint this month till payday, so instead am going to do a bit of recording. Free entertainment.

I will try and have a proper go at recording multi part video this time and see how it works out, I've been practicing a bit with the editing software, I got some pretty simple stuff that I used for the last video and I think...think...I can do some mixing stuff with it.

So, a bit of a tidy up in the "play" area and we'll see how it goes.

Going to try and do BB King's brilliant, Guess who, not much singing in it thankfully, and the drums and bass are pretty easy, though the guitar rhythm is complex with lots of subtle chord work, and of course the lead needs a lot of feel....lets see

I won't post it if its terrible. So lets hope it turns out ok.


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ripping us off with quality?

Saw this on my facebook page

And it kinda pissed me off, All these lovley "rare" models wich clearly are going to be well outside most peoples price range, if indeed you can locate them and it made me post something under the video.

They are all beautiful stunning guitars, but am I the only one who is kinda pissed off with the constant number of "rare" "collectable", "limited", "signature", "special edition" etc guitars coming from Gibson and Fender...these wonderful things are designed to be played, and heard, not collected...I have a "collection" but every single one gets played and treated as an instrument, please stop with the expensive limited editions..just make wonderful instruments at prices we can afford.

I do think they are screwing us over a bit, these guitars are often not very special at all, maybe different paint jobs, and a couple of extra stickers on the headstock, perhaps at best a different, maybe rare wood being used but still put together the same way so how to justifiy the extra 200-1000% mark up? Oh I know lets say we only made 50 of them...

bollox... Its just a scam to make gullable people spend more money on a guitar that might be a bit prettier than the base model but does not have 200-1000% more work or cost involved in its making.

I don't even really agree with the idea of "collecting" guitars, by definition that means they are bought to own and look at but playing damages them...wrong wrong them, make nice sounds...don't put them in cases for people to gawp at.

Sad.....and I want one of those hummingbirds...but not a special edition, I want one thats got scratches and scores and play wear on it, one thats had a life in someones hands.


Friday, 6 April 2012

6 hours of practice

Had a stonking 6 hours of practice, 3 with the band where Annemieke needed to stand in for a missing Britta on vocals and shocked us all by how good she was (I mean it, we were stunned, her previous singing efforts were as good as mine....maybe worse..)

Then 3 hours of free jamming with the student trio and we were rocking. I even had a turn on drums again, and though not great, it really wasn't bad, I've got that dum DUM tish dum thing down to a tee now. Tim for a bit more practice on my crappy drum pad machine.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

hmmm and hmmm

New Bass has arrived....

I don't really know what to make of it at all..its certainly beautiful, and it's also clearly hand made, it has many charming rough spots in its build, the rear routing for example is very routh but covered by an almost fitting cover.

The sound it makes is unlike anything I've heard, since it uses an undersaddle pickup it is extremly sensitive to any contact noise, which includes my long guitar nails, I can hear them clicking before I even pluck the note. I need to experiment with it to find a nice tone I like, The lack of a tone knob means it sends what it send to the amp, but you can overdrive it a bit on the volume, so its going to be up to the pedals and amps to get a tone I like. But I'm not clipping my nails..may have to use pinky plucking since I don't grow that nail.

One strange thing is how incredibly light it is, I thought it was a solid chunk of walnut but no, it has a central hollow cavity which actually resonates like an acoustic, this is very interesting and provides most of its unique sound, but it has a downside, the lightness of the body makes it very neck heavy, so only really suitable for sit down gets tiring holding up the neck when standing after a while.

I need time to get used to this, fretless bass is new to me, and there's a load of new techniques to master, but I do think the quirks make this a potentially interesing addition to the collection.

No time to play with it properly as I'm busy doing student help requests today, but this Easter weekend I am free to mess about and do a bit of recording...lets see how it holds up.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

New video

I was recently was blown away by this astonishing video from an artist I did not know but had heard his Higher love cover on an advert and wanted to find him, so glad I did, incredibly beautiful voice for a man siging falsetto.

Is this not amazing...him a guitar and some reverb/

Which of course I found inspiring, though I'm not going to chop my nuts off and attempt a falsetto, I'll stick to the musical side of it, mainly because the chord sequence is so repetative its perfect for a loop. After a bit of practicing and experimenting I came up with this, its not meant to be a perfect copy, just an interpretation of the song, and I still fluffed a few bits, though only 1 is really obvious.

hope you like it. I am stll getting used to my looper so I think I timed it very slightly off but it seemd to fix itself...
hmmm it seems that the video upload on this is either very very very slow or does not actually work....I'll send it to youtube instead.
here you go.