Monday, 27 January 2014

Guess who's coming to dinner and lunch and breakfast...for the rest of his life :D

Harvey has come home, Bina indicate she couldn't look after him properly and was going to give him away, but I simply could not allow that. Harvey has been with us since he was a few weeks old, and I've been there with him since then, teaching him how to sit, beg, stay and so on..though we never managed "lie down"...he just blinks when I say that. So he's as much my dog as he was hers and I couldn't bear the idea of strangers having him.
Well he's back with me now, back home and after a bath looking all happy and smelling fresh.
Brenda wasn't too sure at 1st but within minutes of meeting him she's smitten... I wish I could make someone love me that quick :D
Oh well who needs lie ins....early morning and late night walks will help with he weight I suppose.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Oh god that's just wrong

I was singing a song in the sounded good,.
I was singing same song into my mic accompanied by some wicked guitar sounded good..

I played back the recording..
I can't sing.

I mean, I really can't sing.

guitar was good though.

How come I can sing some things pretty well..but some things  I think I sound good on are just diabolical. And no I won't be posting the working copies....


Saturday, 18 January 2014

89.7 Thats a surprise.

I must admit I thought I must have been up in the 95 range given how much plumper I look and feel..But really I've not put on any weight since my last attempt to look like an Adonis.

Oh well its still over what I should be by some margin, I need to drop 10-15 kilos and tone up.....hmmm easier said than done of course!

Ok well anyway 89.7 is the 1st weigh in....Lets get it down!


Friday, 17 January 2014

Ok, so if I cancel the gym....I better get to grips with the fatbastardpretendingtobeslim problem

Its a little late for a new years resolution, but I guess its time to accept, that Brenda's occasional glances toward my bulging tum as I slouch on the couch are not looks of lust...

She's right I am piling on the kilo's. I've not weighed myself since the scales need new batteries, its that long since I used them..

But I am fully aware of the ever tightening teeshirts and even tighter jeans that I am getting fatter.

So..back on the diet...not the gym though really, I just can't deal with gyms.. I just got an Iphone on contract and promised I would cancel that dead weight payment every month to pay for it.

I will get myself a bit more mobile and start on my famous but very boring soup, bread and protein diet which if I keep it up always seems to work, it just gets very boring....

Its going to be harder than usual since I do most of the cooking for us, as Brenda burns water ;) but I have to cut back a lot on the intake.. Going to go shopping later for some dried soups, and some protein shakes and some chicken and steak. I know the low carb diets are a bit old fashioned but I always find they have results with me......

I'll pick up some batteries too and start taking notes on the weight and post.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

noodles and noodles of oodles

I must admit to being a bit disappointed with this, I liked the instrument sounds I got, but the vocals were just dreadful...I may go back to it sometime but my disappointment is pretty severe as I spent a long time getting this riff in my head and the tone, then my crappy vocals messed it up...maybe I can find a singing partner to let me focus on the playing....oh well here it is

I'm much happier with this weekends noodle though, even though for a simple song this also took a long time to get right, I was really not happy at all with my vocals on Street Spirit, so have been experimenting with more and more vocal settings...this is close, but not quite there, to what I want to achieve.

oh and staying in a capo mood...but with a banjo sound, I was messing with this.

I did get one perfect take...only to discove debut the video software here's a working version of Snowbird on a banjo...on a BANJO...crazy shit!!


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Man of the World

Still working on my Radiohead Street Spirit song, but diverted myself to something pretty.