Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm a mess

Fucking hate insomnia....6am and I have an 11am lecture....with almost certainly no hot water to have a decent wake up shower due to the boiler not being especially willing to work.

this just sucks big cheesy balls.

I've prepped my lecture and updated it while I struggle to sleep, and am going to set my alarm to 10 and hope I get to sleep and wake up in time to go deliver it.


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Not quite the musical genius I thought

I was going to work on Abbas SOS this weekend, I've been practicing it for a few weeks and think I've got the right sound and tempo for it, but not quite worked out a decent way to loop was practicing some live playing/singing. It wasn't right but it was coming..

Events this week though have left me identifying too much with the lyrics ...that and the cold cracking my now sexy husky but totally useless for singing voice.. I'll leave it a few weeks.

Will just focus on practicing some band stuff, we were getting close to a cracking version of Man with the child in his eyes last week, I will try to get those chords in my fingers, the timing needs a singer though.

I also have to look forward to some nice cold showers as my flaming boiler has decided to give and sends an error to the display every time now, where a reset would fix it, now it refuses to reset...I think it just needs a service and bleeding out the air but its apparently no longer covered by the people who used to do it, so time to sort out a contract.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

dammit cold, bugger off

Aside from the gut wrenching pain of a break up, which is occupying my mind,  my insomnia is being seriously fuelled by the snotty cold from hell, with accompanying raw chest...I am so exhausted from lack of sleep and hacking cough, but here I am at 4.07am trying to keep myself amused and away from endless repeats of Graham Norton on The Comedy Channel.

I've looked at a few student projects who have asked for help, and have a few more I'll do tomorrow but I don't want to do any coding and have my mind racing for no good reason

Lucky I don't have class till the afternoon, and my colleagues will cover for me in game lab if I can't make it in at 9...which at this point seems pretty unlikely.

Beechams are helping though...It'd be full on man flu without them I fear.

oh well lets go see who's on Grahams sofa and try to drop off.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Single again...bugger

Well, what can you seems fate or whatever cosmic entity responsible for kicking me squarely in the nuts at the point of extreme happiness has struck again.

After finally realizing there was something to look forward to in the future, I now discover its a lie. Amazingly it really wasn't my fault this time, or the result of growing apart or any of those other things I can pinpoint that caused the end of past relationships.. I had to end it when the basic trust of the relationship was smashed apart.

ho hum, better get used to a life time of utter disappointment and Lord of the Rings marathons.

Oh and I have another cold, which has kept me up all certainly can suck sometimes.

Mum, please don't bother me with this...its done, I am fine, I will get over this but I really don't want to talk about this for some considerable time.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Oh go on then,

I suppose I should post something, its been quite a while, but that's only due to being quite busy in the 1st few weeks uni with students. Lots of time sucking issues prepping classes and adapting to the new premises.

I am enjoying the new offices though, the space is nice and the programmers office has an air of calm around it which we never really had at Pakhuis.
My new Sony room is taking shape too, though I am short some monitors...but no worries we're expecting great things to happen here soon ;)

This years batch of 1st years are proving to be a lot of fun, as always a few are like rabbits in headlights with no idea what they are doing but they are starting to ask questions and not expecting knowledge to suddenly be poured into their brains.

I have an exciting though a little time sucking project to handle which has proven to be much more interesting than I originally thought.

As regular reader(s) will know I have an interest in string noise makers, and our Dean is aware of that shocking affliction.
She asked me to take charge of a room at the IGAD wing which is our dedicated music room. Its an expansion of our piano and guitar play area at Pakhuis.  Its a fair sized room plenty of space for people to come in, pick up a guitar or twiddle on the keys, on their own.....

But I wanted to make it a bit more, with more students in the building, we are now also in the same building as our sister faculty IMEM, there's a chance for those of a musical bent to get together and play, perhaps forming some cool new groups..

But its pretty hard to play as a band in an office area....unless of course you have a JamHub, like I do :D

It will allow a group to play in the room with only the singers causing any major noise issues...
I plan to put a JamHub in there, with the fantastic help and support of the people at JamHub who are helping us get the kit together.

I also got donations of instruments and other gear from various sources, especially students.
Budgets are stretched though so we need to source kit as cheap as possible, which certainly makes the project a challenge

But it looks like we're going to get there...I will document the progress, and hopefully get the room up and running after our Autumn holidays...stay tuned who knows we might see an IGAD/IMEM band in Hollands Got Talent soon as a result ;)