Thursday, 25 May 2017

I am home

And so is Harvey.

life is back to semi normal.


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Record Time

Passport is here, so happy, as much as I love spending time on Danni's couch listening to Harvey2's babbling, I need ot get changed, heading home tomorrow


Monday, 22 May 2017

This is rather nice...might do it again

One of the nice things about my cheap 1st class ticket, cos I booked in advance, is that I get to use the 1st class lounge at Euston.
Its a little busy at the moment, but free coffee, biccies and a small desk space to set up the laptop and charge phone etc...rather pleasent.

I must say I have always refused to use 1st class even if only a few quid more but in future I'm going to grab it with both hands, this is so much less stress than standing in the main hall of Euston smelling Burger King and staring blankly at a screen waiting for an update every 10 mins..

Heading up to Manchester to stay with sprog and await my passport. Left my nice AirBnB room this mornng all tidy, but of course I had to cock up and left my keys and dutch travel card in the desk drawer which  luckily I  noticed when I got to the tube station but before I got on the train...a few calls and a mini cab back to the place where I was able to get the friendly neighbour with the key to let me back in and collect my things.

I had to take the cab because quite frankly the hills up and down from the station to the house almost killed me. 9 years in the Netherlands has totally ruined my once fine athleltic physique...cough

nah its not funny I was totally puggled walking up a was a steep one but still, puggled is not good....I must do something about my weight and general state of fitness.... I  keep saying this I know, but fuuuck....when walking up a hill is too  much  effort I need to do something.

Book remains in 99% but can't do that last 1% limbo, was working all the time I was in the BnB till the small hours, only popping out to eat, but lack of notes makes it impossible to finish. The new model I was using for the race track demo also turned out to have a few issues. Nothing I couldn't fix but it just drained time and  still isn't quite right. Hoping I have space on the train to get it up and running and move on to the final open envirionment game

Better sign off here and use the hour I have to wait to  update the chapter on the issues with the model and see if the error I had is something obvious that I can fix without a Pi attached.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

a First class wait

Well the AirBnB is really quite nice, its like being a lodger in someones house, though I've not seen much of them, we chat when I go downstairs for coffee.
I'm madly trying to edit my book, without the benefit of my own library for checking things, especially maths. Making a lot of things much harder.

Lucky for me I brought a raspberry and screen with me, its a bit small, but it at least lets me test out some of my code, not all though which is a concern and I still need too try to deliver on Monday.

I've no chance, a lot of my notes and content are on my main PC at home, ....home :(

I've let the publisher know my prediciment, Im sure he's sympathetic, but really just wants the manuscript, so I've worked as much as I can on my laptop, sat on a deck chair in my bedroom. Getting the spelling and content all ready.. I think that we're there.. If I can't actually do the coding, at least I can do the editing, its 840 pages, 40+ more than they want but they can change the text size if its too much for them.

Tomorrow I head up to Manchester for the week to spend with my daughter and grandson, not sure how much work I'll get done up there, I know she has no wifi but I can use my phone if I am not too reckless with bandwidth.
Since I was able to book in advance I have a 1st class ticket, never done that before, but its more to make sure I have a table and power socket to work on the 2+ hour trip.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing Danni, I really wish I could get home and finish my damn fucking book as well as the Colecovision work I have to nail now that I have invested in some proper equipment.

I've got a plane booked on the 29th, onthe presumption the passport will come on the 26/27th.... I just hope I didn't misspell some twatting thing.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

London... a new kind of hell

I've lost my passport, no idea how, where, thiough fair idea of when, but lost or stolen I am currently without it...

Thats a pain in ways you can't imagine, since as a UK citizen, currently in the UK, I have no means of getting hold of emergency travel documents...nor can I apply for the 1 day priority passport, I can only apply for a renewal and that will take 7-8 days

oh shit......and I check out of the hotel later today...

I have a plan, I'm tryng to get an Air B&B for a few days, then head up to Danni's for a few more days, where I can have the passport sent, assuming they will send it there since I am actually not registered at any address in the UK...this is going to be such fun..

I need to get a passport applicaiton from the Post office, this morning, train to Tunbridge Wells to get a friend who is a company director to countersign that he knows me, back to London Passport office to make the application then hope that all goes well..

Currently having trouble getting Air B&B to accept my drivers license as ID....oh joy

And all through this I need to finish my book....

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck and another fuck....


Friday, 5 May 2017

Grading over, back to mad work

Nice to get the grading down, it was kinda nice to not be writing as much while I was doing that, but time get back to mad hours and finish this damn book, only 1 thing to finish up and then I ncan hand it over finally

just hope I don't have any last minute bugs to clear up.