Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another cold!!

This really isn't fair....while still dealing with the tail end of a 2 week cough from the last cold...I go out with friends for dinner on Friday night and start sneezing like a sick old man...sure enough next morning ANOTHER fucking cold is in full runny nose mode on top of the old chest infection... This is so not funny.

Spring here has been lovely, with warm sunshine and blue skies most of March, but have I had much chance to enjoy I fucking haven't.

So miserable, can't be arsed to do any coding, music, videos or much else...just trying to keep my mind focused on work related stuff and try not to miss any more time.
And my massive stocks of strong UK cold meds have all gone, used up on the last assault.....
Study week this week, I don't usually have a lot to do, so I can catch up on paperwork and prep for the last block....suspect I'll be shoving tissue up my nose and apologising for the coughs, sneezes and general nasty ooze coming out of me.



Friday, 28 March 2014

Sad news to hear the passing of Jenny Trotter

I heard today some very sad news. the lovely Jenny Trotter who with her husband Chris run the Creative Vacances guitar weeks in Bercloux France, where I have spent 2 very happy and fun filled holidays, has passed away after a short illness.

Really a shock, I was chatting with her on facebook only a few weeks ago, upset that my fixed holidays would not allow me to come down to spend another week this year. I had resigned myself to next year..

Next year might still happen, but I won't get the chance to see Jenny's happy enthusiastic face as she fusses over her guests and provides moral encouragement to the unconnected pickers and strummers, who will become friends over the week during their musical journey.

Very sad condolences to Chis, her husband, and her daughter Alice. I hope the fun and joy of your lovely business will continue and grow in her memory.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

hooomaan again almost

Aside from a cough which I am happy to say is now a nice productive phlegmy cough and not the dry heaving get a bit of spit out of your lungs cough I've had for a few days and nights. Also I got a good 8 hours sleep, on the couch, so as not to drive Brenda mad.

I feel a lot better today. Still not at the office though but hoping I'll get there tomorrow as I have a presentation to give

I am quite convinced that each time I get one of these colds they seem to be more debilitating and harder to shake, is this an age thing or are the colds mutating into hardier versions. I don't know, but this one has been nearly 2 weeks, ruined a holiday break and cost me 3 sick days.

might venture out to the shops in a bit. Get some vicks...apparently if you rub it on your feet and then put your socks and shoes on it stops a cough......not sure that's actually true, but am willing to give it a go.


Monday, 10 March 2014

1st sickie in a while

Wasn't up to going to work this morning, had about 1 hour sleep between coughs...might need to take another this is the worst cold I've had. And all of it during some of the warmest weather on record here in Netherlands.


Well that wasn't much fun

The spring carnival holiday has been amazing, wonderful warm sunshine every day, lots of parties going on everywhere, people sat out in the gardens with wine...except for me... All bloody week I've had this stinking horrible cold, the last two nights I've barely slept as I deal with coughing fits that won't stop...

grrr.. I had some nice plans for this week...just as well I work in education, there's more hols soon.


Friday, 7 March 2014

Holiday cold

We're on Holiday
I have a cold

Wanted to do a load of work on my retro and PS4  projects but have been feeling crap all week so done almost nothing....grr

almost out of Lemsips too...the week could not get any worse.

...ah theres still could get much worse.


Saturday, 1 March 2014

1,000,000 post on TCE

 A small personal landmark
I got the millionth post on The ChaosEngine, an industry only forum I have been on since it started..
quite pleased with that

New Guitar?

Nearly, got Margaret back from Dijkmans music after she had a, what a difference, no more buzzy notes on the E string

I've been noodling on her all evening and the difference is amazing. Will try her out on the Roland tomorrow to see if I get less misfires now that I don't have rogue harmonics firing off at random times.

ermm, that's I...not much else happing. Coding, and playing

off to bed.