Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What did I miss?

3 days of feeling poorly, fever, sweats, headache, snotty nose, general crappy ness... Finally broke this morning..and fingers crossed no mega cough, just a bit of phlegm. Hopefully a quiet day in and I should be back to work tomorrow. I don't really understand why colds here seem to be so harsh, a theory some of us on Facebook were suggesting was the lack of decent cold cures to suppress the worst symptoms before they add complications. The standard cure here in Holland is...paracetamol with caffeine and Vit C.. So you'd get the same result from popping some pain killers with coffee and eating an orange. Ie not much, though the paracetamol will keep the headache and fever under control that's about it. At least in the UK we get nice Beechams with all maxxed out goodies plus decongestants to dry you up and that for me is the killer. The runny nose and chesty cough needs to be kept at bay or it results in a motherfucker of a chest infection. The last one had me coughing for 8 weeks.. I'm going to get some UK cold meds to stock up my medicine drawer. And looking forward to getting out of the house again, been cooped up snoozing most of the time. Ahthankyew

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Marking causes Colds...discuss

I am getting on well with the marking, RSI is bad but manageable, but I now have a cold...only a few weeks after recovering from the last one. My friend Soeren pointed out on Facebook that there may be a correlation.

He may have a point...Marking sucks my will to live, leaving me vulnerable to cold attacks.

What other horrors await my weakened immune system!!


Saturday, 6 April 2013

productive weekend

Might as well make the most of it, marking hell next week and am I determined, RSI or not to get my grading done in record time

Anyway after doing a Tom Jones number I thought I'd have a go at a classic. The singing is variable of course but I like my own arangment of this... different and certainly something I might try and do better in future.


Friday, 5 April 2013

E-Bows are great

Give you that haunting harmonic sounds...love it.


And another EBAY fraud


not quite as vaulable this one, the source for the listing is all over the net, just paste in the 1st line of the description on google and you get a shed load of hits to other souces, in fact this one seems to be a common one, its listed on a lot of sales sites.

Again reported as fraud....but not expecting any response.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spot the problem?


its not a genuine ad, shill bidders are ramping up the price and if some mug tried to snipe it they might be 3 or 4K down....its one of 4 I spotted over the last few days. All high value vintage guitars and all the same MO's .

0 feedback seller,
located in the US but offering UK postage charges
very high end vintage guitar, which if you google the text you will find on other sites and the pics are also fairly easy to spot on ebay US or craigslist.

ok so we know this happens...BUT EBAY DONT CARE... I reported each one as fake, even sent an email which they responted with an auto note, and worse still their online fraud reporting system terminates in a 404 page not responding error.


It "sold" for 4100 in the end, after being shilled up over 3500 to last minute snipers thinking they were getting a 20K guitar for a faction of the price put in big final bids.. This of course is the con.

Also to add insult to injury....ebay suspended me from their forums for pointing out the fraud on line.
Sadly I have to conclude that ebay are as corrupt and dishonest as the scammers who are doing this, by igoring faudulent activity and preventing people from reporting it they are complicit in the crime.

I can only hope the "winners" take precautions and use a cedit card if they make payment...I suspect the sellers will try some ruse to get them to use cash tansfer methods, for me that would be a warning but others do fall for this. I will keep an eye on the sellers 0 feedback to see if it drops ot -1 over the comming weeks. I'll be happy to eat my words if it goes +1

I'd love to back up my indignation by boycotting ebay but I still buy a lot of goods via them, so for now I will try to do my best to warn people by posting dodgy listings when I find them