Sunday, 6 September 2009


Oh dear, its been a very busy few weeks,so there's been little chance to update the blog...that and I am incredibly lazy.

I guess there are 3 main things to talk about, home, work and the IGDA farce of recent weeks...Probably best I split them into separate blogs.

Lets start with home and by extension holiday.

I have to get the pics from the holidays onto my PC, but Bina sent me one which is nice, she took most of the pics during our holiday and her SD card is full of them showing us in differing stages of white-red-brown, or brown-dark brown in her case.

It was a really great holiday, incredibly hot some days (we were told it was getting close to 50degs in the sun) lots of fun memories and nice times, though the hotel entertainment was dire, we still managed to get out and amuse ourselves..Not sure we'll go back though, Alanya is one of those places that when you've been there a few days you've pretty much seen all it has to offer.

One thing that did take my breath away though was the Dim Caves
The pics on the site really don't give justice to this awesome amazing place. I've never seen anything quite like it.

Another highlight was a "jeep safari" riding around the countryside in convoy with other tourists, with the maddest jeep driver I've ever met..Who spent 20 mins at the start of the event filling up drink bottles with water smiling and showing an evil glint in his eye, since he knew what was going to be coming next to his unsuspecting passengers.

We found out soon enough as we headed out, and had to run a gauntlet of water hoses, which signaled the start of a surprising but in the end great fun, water fight the whole day.....hence the bottles which he never missed a chance to refill so his team would win (and cool everyone down in the blazing sun).We returned to the hotel totally soaked to the skin but having had a great day.

I even had the chance to swim in a freezing clear river at the end of it....not something I do often as despite being an all round Adonis and sporting hero (ahem) I'm a very weak swimmer.

I enjoyed the walks around, examining massive insects and a range of crickets and grasshoppers as well as the odd lizard. These things interest me :D. Bina and I even managed to slip away from the kids (Jodie's friend Shamielha came with us and we let them do some things on their own) and do some things we wanted to do.

Since getting back we've been working, setting up for the new year, getting our courses in place, and in my case working hard to get some Sony PSP dev kits to work...This has proved to be considerably harder than 1st anticipated and has eaten a lot of time. This can go into another post thugh.

I finally finished the wallpapering!!! Yes that inner hall has now been finished..all thats left are a few skirting strips to be cut and nailed....maybe next year.

My Nintendo project....failed a couple of submissions but went back in..and we're still waiting to hear...this has become one of the longest submissions ever. Very frustrating as I'm keep to strip this PC down and rebuild it with some new SSD drives but can't while there is even the slightest chance of a comeback from Nintendo.

Jodie...ah there's lots of news on the Jodie front. She went AWOL on a trip back to the UK to see her dad. who foolishly in my opinion, allowed her to travel up to Leeds to see her "friends", she of course ended up in Bradford several hours after she was supposed to have been back at her Dad's..Bina was worried sick of course, nothing worse than getting calls from people saying they can't get hold of Jodie.

The ramifications of this will go on for a while, but as they are still under discussion best to keep most of that under wraps for now.

And thats it..I promise to put up more pics when Bina puts them on a flash card for me. More posts will follow on the other subjets...when I've done those skirting strips.


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