Monday, 14 November 2011

Dammit, they're like busses.

Just when you give up on them 3 come along at the same time.

My GAS (Guitar aquisition syndrome) has died down now, pretty much got everything I want now except for the damn elusive Gibson Blueshawk, which is hard to find in Europe and no longer in production, so you have to wait for 2nd hand models to turn up, thats not often as they are usually much loved and kept so not a sniff of a decent one on ebay for months...until now when of course Ebay is listing 3 of them...all overpriced and only a US one willing to ship to The Netherlands, which of course makes it even more overpriced.

bugger...will keep an eye on them for now, but only just getting my cash reserves back so will probably have to pass again for 6 months.

life is so unfair sometimes.....ah well.


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