Monday, 12 May 2014

Paid GIG!!

I am now officially a gigging musician, 100 euros divided by 7 ;)

heheh, its feels good.

Out Saturday gig though was a lot of fun, we had the audience bopping but it did highlight a major problem we have playing live... We have no clue how to mix the sound.

As a result, the recording we made direct from the mixer was dire. Just incredibly bad. With 2 members totally dominating the mix.... Fortunately the audience probably didn't have to worry about it, since they would have got a lot of the monitor mix as well which was quite they at least heard something better than we mixed...and we got paid so it couldn't have been too bad.

I'm researching solutions to this live mixing issue and thing I've found the always not a cheap solution but worth it, and as long as I can get use out of it for myself I'll invest in it.

cool gadget, will need to sell a few other mixer toys to pay for it.


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