Saturday, 21 June 2014

Near the end!

School is effectively done for the year, I have a small pile of marking to do this weekend,  and a smaller pile next weekend for some retakes, but then its over.

An interesting year, more work, more students, slightly more tiring and perhaps in some ways less enjoyable for a host of different reasons...I feel each year slightly more detached from the process of deciding on the direction of our education, as we get bigger and management takes more control of it, not always in ways I feel are appropriate.

I suppose this is normal when something successful grows...For now though I still love the teaching aspect of my job and seeing students grow and develop remains for me more than enough job satisfaction.

I have found and decided to attempt a Masters degree at Birmingham City University that I feel I will get some pleasure from, since it basically involves me writing a game.......yeah...well ...thats kinda ok...though I still strongly and vocally protest at the so called need to have such a degree in place, but if I want to keep my position I am going to have to ..."just do it" people keep saying to me...

"Just do it", however is not a reason any one should ever have to accept when being forced to do something against their will..

I keep putting forward that argument that Masters degrees as an entry requirement to teaching are actually barriers that prevent highly experienced and potentially prized teachers from entering academia, but as academia is stuffed full of masters educated academics, my argument simply isn't listened to....So I have to join the club....It still infuriates me so much.
Fortunately not enough to quit, but its a pretty heavy bale on the camels back.

I took the small exam for entrance/discount for the course and scored 100%...well any less would be worrying.. I hope the rest of it will be as easy, I value my non work life very highly these days, even if a lot of it is sleeping in, or vegging out in front the TV (or coding or playing)....I don't want to find myself stressing out about exams and deadlines at my age.

Anyway....venting a bit, for a whole year this has bugged me and now that I have to admit defeat it still bugs me....when I get will bug me and some smart arse will probably suggest I do a Phd...which will bug me even more.

I think its time to plan some fun things for the summer... May's bonus salary along with a nice tax rebate mean we can plan a nice holiday this year.  I am heading down to the Travel agents this afternoon with Brenda to plan our 1st holiday away.... I better hit that gyms and get my bikini figure back before August.....or I could just buy bigger swimwear....hmmmm yes that sound more practical.

Speaking of fun...check this out...


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