Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mid week chillax and cost of drugs.

3 lovely days of peace and quiet...lots of coding done, and some guitars plonked..I can feel the stress falling away.

I have some marking to do, so will probably do that tomorrow, then continue to enjoy my break, but I can definitely feel the return of my calmer self.  No rants at people doing daft things, just me time.

My tennis elbow has pretty much gone, I have full function again and very very little pain, apart for my wallet. I got an odd bill from my medical insurance company,  which I managed to find out online was for drugs and hospital visits, which I have to pay the 1st 360euros of...ouch. I didn't know that.

But the pills the doc gave me for the nerve damage was a shock, nearly 60euros...for a pack of 24 pills.....WTF.... and a couple of other odd charges I need to ask them about.
I'm a bit ticked off that the doc never mentioned that there was such a high cost attached to the meds, if she had told me I think I would have passed on the idea and just loaded up with the much cheaper, 7euros oxcontin, I'd have been stoned for 3 weeks but the pain would have been manageable.

Lesson learned, always ask the cost of drugs.

We have some visitors staying this weekend, so Brenda wants to do a tidyup.....hmmm well its tidy as far as I can see, its how we live, why make it tidier??? Anyway Spare room does need a bit of a clean out.


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