Friday, 26 December 2014

no way to hide it.

Have to be honest, that was an utterly shit Christmas, on my own, for the 1st time in many years.

I have spent a fair amount of it drinking and watching movies to keep me occupied and stop myself getting all wound up. I might do some coding soon when my brain starts to clear. I did however enjoy my mince and tatties Christmas really I love that stuff and no point cooking a roast for 1.

I suppose I have to get used to the idea that the future I had partially planned out for "us" is simply not going to happen, things I had convinced myself were going to make my later years happy and fun, are just not likely now.

Oh well... I cheered myself up by buying a new vacuum cleaner for Xmas....yes a strange present for sure, you'd have thought I'd have got a new guitar but the old vac is broken, and though it might be fixable with some glue and a ring clamp(ohh I need to go buy one of those) , I thought it best I just got a new got me showered and out of the house to buy it at least.

Another Christmas casualty is my trusty old Phillips Cinema surround system... I have had it since I arrived here and its served me very well these last 6.5years..but when setting up some lights, I accidently unplugged it while it was showing a menu, and now it won't load any vids at all....I think the motor that spins got damaged

bugger...I suppose it is time to get a new one, but I have held out knowing that any new one I get probably won't work with my now quite old 720p projector...I didn't really want to get a new one of those too...Also...Blu Ray is upon us...oh well... I guess I have some spare funds since I don't need to buy the new mattress Brenda wanted to buy..I'll go see if I can pick up something cheap in Media Markt.

Better go shower....

I'm also going to try to catch up on some jobs that needed doing....the shed needs a clear out,  I was going to build a little herb garden ready for spring, several rooms need a lick of paint, and I still have not put up any wall paper in the Attic after the new walls were fitted. I will swing by the DIY store in the next couple of days and sort that out... Keeping myself busy stops me moping about.

I'll try to head into the new year with some purpose.....................yeah....well whatever.


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