Friday, 20 February 2015

Really???? I mean...REALLY?

So despite not quite being over the last cold, and coughing pretty much all the time...I am the recipient of yet another virus from the cold hell.
runny nose, headache, often caused by dry cough/heaving, sweats and fevers....this is just fucking unreal. How long to have I have to feel like shit physically, when I'm still coming to terms with feeling shit mentally.

And yes I have been swallowing OJ like its water, bought a bulk pack of it from Macro last month and have had 2 glasses at least every day.. proof as if it were really needed that nothing stops a cold kicking you when you're down.

I've not enjoyed much of this holiday break at all, marking and working and now the last weekend I will be in bed most of the time sniffling.. There's more tissues round my bed than a 14yo boys room...grrrr


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