Friday, 25 September 2015

kill me now

I am so damn tired, and looking in the mirror I look it.

The cough has died off quite a bit thankfully, though strangely at night around bedtime it decides to pop back for a visit, keeping me away for a while but I am no longer getting the hacking till 3am stuff again..

Right now main problem is sinus pain...every day I seem to get a mega headache behind my right eyebrow...and its pretty intense. Paracetamol seems to be ok though if I can take it before the pain really kicks in.

oh god look at me...sat here moaning about how sick I!!!! Someone who hates being sick, hates the concept of being sick and refuses to go see docs.

I need to stop posting health updates.. I'm starting to sound like a hypochondriac, the thing I despise more than anything in the world.

In other news.....I'm too sick to care about :D

nah...other things in life are equally depressing right now, still painfully  single, still bored shitless at home, still drinking too much, and not able to make any new music vids till my voice comes back without a cough every time I try to sing.
Made a big batch of chicken curry will have plenty to eat for this month.. Need to blance it up with some Mince and tatties and Spag bol so the freezer lottery can be a bit more interesting.

Bad news though, my boiler needs to be replaced, the annual service reports it is leaking CO and not safe to use...that's a nice new expense to make up for the nice mortgage rate reduction I got the other much of excess disposable income. :(

Life really is pretty shit at the moment isn't money, no woman, no pleasure, no...oh wait..booze... its not that bad.

Work is starting to settle in to a routine, though the new V2 system still needs to settle in. I'm currently working with some new framework software and getting my head around it. Its very good though, and some small improvements from  my colleagues and me have produced a really nice piece of code that the students can make full use off for their projects.

Next week they get to start their main block A project, having done all the prep work for it..they now have to do a bit more learning to learn, and learning by doing...with some gentle pushes from us.

I'm going to make an effort to create a few videos for students on how to use the framework, soon as I don't look like I've just woke up from a 3 week bender... I do not want vids of me looking like crap hovering on any site for years to come.

Oh well coffee break over, back to do I get the new sprite batching system to work with animation.....hmmm


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