Sunday, 18 October 2015

Earworms...and the danger of insufficient skills

I've got 2 songs rattling around in my head. I can't get rid of them 1 old one new.

Time in a Bottle, and V. Bozemans What is love.

Time I can play pretty well though the guitar is a bit tricky, lots of arpeggios and up and down the neck, but its do-able, but can't really sing it well enough, and every attempt to record it has failed..miserably, either the singing is crap which has been the case since the mega cold (or since birth), or I mess up the guitar.. Many attempts, but nothing I want to publish on YouTube yet.

The other has an odd timing that throws me on the simple chords, I would be mad to even attempt to sing....but its soooo cool I really want to..but can't sing like an R&B queen...I wonder if a folk version would work ;) maybe a ska version...oh oh, a heavy death metal version?

I will keep trying, if I get one of them sounding decent I'll be happy, then maybe they will get out of my head and get forgotten.


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