Monday, 18 July 2016

Book progress

Well, aside from walk throughs on getting the projects up and running,(and actually writing a few more) I seem to have done all the major content....pre-edit phase of course, I need to print it out, have a good read through, since I know I waffled on a few points and sometimes repeated myself.
I also have to include  the code sections but I think I've got all the main topics covered now...

I scanned through it all last night and yeah, its what I wanted it to be. :D A beginners guide to programming on any machine.

Current page count (with almost no code) is 340 pages...another 50 or so for walk through, and maybe another 10 pages for illustrations,  leaves 300 pages for code, That should be it!.

wooo hoooo

As I say though this is all pre-edit, I will probably cull quite a lot of it and re-write major sections but I feel I've covered all the relevent points I wanted to include and that anyone with some aptitude for coding should get themselves up and running in 30 days....

still 2 months till I hand over but happy so far


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