Sunday, 21 May 2017

a First class wait

Well the AirBnB is really quite nice, its like being a lodger in someones house, though I've not seen much of them, we chat when I go downstairs for coffee.
I'm madly trying to edit my book, without the benefit of my own library for checking things, especially maths. Making a lot of things much harder.

Lucky for me I brought a raspberry and screen with me, its a bit small, but it at least lets me test out some of my code, not all though which is a concern and I still need too try to deliver on Monday.

I've no chance, a lot of my notes and content are on my main PC at home, ....home :(

I've let the publisher know my prediciment, Im sure he's sympathetic, but really just wants the manuscript, so I've worked as much as I can on my laptop, sat on a deck chair in my bedroom. Getting the spelling and content all ready.. I think that we're there.. If I can't actually do the coding, at least I can do the editing, its 840 pages, 40+ more than they want but they can change the text size if its too much for them.

Tomorrow I head up to Manchester for the week to spend with my daughter and grandson, not sure how much work I'll get done up there, I know she has no wifi but I can use my phone if I am not too reckless with bandwidth.
Since I was able to book in advance I have a 1st class ticket, never done that before, but its more to make sure I have a table and power socket to work on the 2+ hour trip.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing Danni, I really wish I could get home and finish my damn fucking book as well as the Colecovision work I have to nail now that I have invested in some proper equipment.

I've got a plane booked on the 29th, onthe presumption the passport will come on the 26/27th.... I just hope I didn't misspell some twatting thing.


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