Tuesday, 7 April 2009

knock knock...hello..anyone there?

Did ya miss me?

what do you mean no?

Sorry its been a busy week, Bina and Jodie were here last week and that was fantastic having them here. The Weather even played nice with some lovely spring days. I even managed to get Jodie on a bike (on the last day mind) and she had a great time. Strange having 2 women in the place though, odd smells and tubs and bottles and knickers littering the bathrooms. Odd but also nice.

Jodie and I have had a lot of problems in recent months, teens and step parents seldom get on, and she's not entirely happy about having to move over here but I think we managed to make a start on realizing the need for the move and the benefits for her. It was nice to finally re-connect with her after so much hostility.

I have had to limit my computer time to just work so I could get a good 8 hours a day in when they were here hence no entries on here. I should be able to slip in a few updates now.

Only 3 weeks of single life left. I need to cram in as much sex drugs and rock and roll...well I've got a big box of tissues, some aspirin and a couple of new albums on my Ipod so thats probably as close as I'll get..but hey I can play them really loud ;)

I have to fly over to the UK at the end of the month to help Bina pack up her stuff as well as my own and get them all ready for the removal company. Then time to take my 1st trip on a ferry over here.

House hunting for a larger place is going slowly, we have some constraints on where we can move to due to the need to be close to the station for Jodie to get to school but we have plenty of time to sort it, and still have my place as an interim measure.

Work is starting to turn a corner. My project consists of a bunch of mini games, and we've almost finished the 3 hardest ones, just some faulty game modes to fix, though I suspect we'll have to keep popping back to tweek them before the projects end. But the remaining 3 main games are really simple cute things so I'm hoping we can rattle them out in short time and really impress the client who's been getting somewhat stressed do to the time taken to get the 1st 3 done...these things tend to balance out. Just keep your head down and keep coding, it all comes together in the end.

School wise were at the end of block period where I don't have much to do for 3 weeks aside from reading up and prepping for the next block. Not many students seem to need extra help from me so aside from attending a few meetings is DS coding all the way.

Better crack on..I have some faulty art to fix so I can hand over a new framework to Dino....

more news at 10.


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