Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Soon be back to my banging best

Happy to report that the chap at Traps is sending a new switch. Thats nice to hear, in spite of this little lapse in quality I really do love my drums and want them in full working order asap.  I tried setting up my band hi hats to see if I could still pratice with an acoustic what a noise....I can't do that to the will wait for the new switch.

I hope this one is going to last the duration since it seems I may have to change my role in the band
Robbie our drummer has quit the band...lack of time and some of those famous musical differences...he didn't really find it challenging. Thats a shame as he's been there since the very beginning before we even were a band and we'll miss him, but I think we all knew that he was not happy .

So if we don't find a new drummer soon I may have to step in on some numbers...eek I'm months from being even close to doing anything as a real drummer, unless its silly 4/4 and 12/8 beats with fills....which limits my song choices quite a bit.

Have had a bit of a jippy tum today, never eat luke warm sausage have been warned. The tummy may now be empty but the room is somewhat fragrent....I'll let you work out why!


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