Monday, 11 March 2013

92.1 the countdown seems to be stuck

hmmm weight loss not really working yet. I suppose I have to do that gym thing....god I hate the idea....

I've had the most horrible chest infection for 3 weeks and am still coughing a bit, that and my wrist has stopped me doing the gym thing....
But the infection has started to pass and the coughing has reduced I can breath a bit better now...but the wrist is still a problem....drugs are not working :(

Oh and I have a new laptop for work...oodles of power but the mousepad is just too damn close to the keys and I keep tapping it...its worse than the old laptop....I'll be using a new ergo keyboard at work soon so hopefully I can avoid using the keys or try to change my typing angle and prevent the tapping problem

I hate changing laptops, its never a simple process there's always something not working right and we need to have all our work software up to speed. ICT normally ask you to hand over your old laptop when you pick up, but I held my ground and asked for a transition period. But still not quite ready to hand back.

The washing machine appears to have a problem, I think there may be a blockage in the pumping system, so am going to strip it down sometime this week, if that does not machine time...I suspect a reapir will cost more than a new machine and since its 5 years old now maybe its time for a new one.


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