Saturday, 2 March 2013

92.1 the countdown restarts

I am taking the 1st of March as a new start to the diet....I've been having a lot of photo's taken of me recently and simply don't recognise the fat bastard I see in them, also during band practice I caught sight of myself playing reflected in a large guitar actually was at a 30 deg angle resting on my fat tub....enough...the fightback must continue...low cal meals from now on, and as soon as this niggly left over from the cold chest infection has cleared up back to "gulp" gym.

target weight is 70Kg, I am not going to set dates, when it hits it hits, but I am quite determined to get in decent shape for our big graduation gig in June.........So no more snacks...well except when I am at the movies, as I was tonight...but thats it, for sure.


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