Friday, 2 August 2013

Busy few weeks, heavy, broke and now got wheels

The Guurls had a great time here in The Netherlands, Steph and Danni got on like wildfire which was really nice considering they really have had little contact with each other since they were kids.
We had a brilliant time...some photo's to prove it.

trust me, if she ate one I'd be amazed...nibbled at a couple though

my gurls..and some old woman

Eat eat quick!!
A trip to the museum in Tilburg

Steph not wanting her photo taken

ahh the gurls!!

pretty...just like her dad...who's the geezer in the back though?

some old woman..she hung around a lot

some old woman
Making sure they go at Schipol

The weather was and has stayed pretty much hot and sunny

Of course much eating was done an the diet went out the back up to 88.9kg
But as luck would have it I was sick last night for some inexplicable reason and spent a good hour on the big white phone to Hugh...which lost me a Kilo...I think there must be something in this Bulimia after all.

Aside from feeling crap due to lack of sleep, and hot and sweaty due to the incredible weather.  I have had to run around at the town hall today to get my driving license changed to a Dutch one and get proof of my residency in Breda..

Yes I have finally bought a car, subject to any issues with the finance which I am not expecting I pick it up on the 7th :D And then head off to London on the 8th for some networking, biz meetings and meeting with old friends at the TCE gathering/

Its only a tiny car, a Kia Picanto. A1 ltr 3 cylinder beast!!

Just big enough to go shopping, do the occasional trip somewhere and get to band practice without bothering others for a lift. I still plan to do most of my travels on my bike but it will be a little bit easier to get to gigs now, which was the only thing the bike was not so good on, with bits of kit hanging off panniers and backpacks.
Oh and it has a 7 year warranty, which for someone like me who has no mechanical skills at all is useful.

Brenda's off to Belgium for an intensive Dutch language am on me own for 3 weeks or so....suppose I will have to do some work....or maybe not ;)


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