Sunday, 11 August 2013

I'm gonna leave ol London town

Have had a great time in London for the TCE 10th birthday, made loads of new/old contacts and will be following some up when I get home. I'm sure this will pay dividends later.

I have a night and a day left here and need to work out what to do but will probably do a bit of work in my tiny hotel room.

Had a couple of wonderful times in Denmark St, as always, this time came away with a haircut, very mod.not sure I'll keep it quite as it was cut manly since she put wax in which I washed out 1st chance I got...ugg hate products!!

Was privileged to be allowed to play a couple of mega priced guitars, including a 63 strat which I could afford if I can sell a kidney. Ahh I wish I could play well enough to justify such wonderful instruments. Picked up a nice Danelectro '56 Baritone guitar, very cheap..honest guv, it just felt right.

Took Jack with me today where he fell in love with an Ibanez bass, luckily he resisted :D

Going to have a snooze and do a bit of work tonight, been a busy alcohol fuelled weekend and I need to let my liver have a rest.

Long bus trip will try to enjoy my last hours a little more peacefully.


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