Thursday, 6 February 2014

89.9...its slow but its steady

Well I had to eat a bit more, probably caused by the dog running me ragged, but in a good way. I don't know who was more puggled after our walk to Masbos, the local wooded area for dog walkers..Harvey, Brenda or me, well actually I do. Me.

Harvey's already starting to look a bit sleeker, and cuter as if that was possible.

No vids, been busy with marking and Harvey, but will be restarting soon. Marking is almost over and I get a reasonably quiet block this block...2 days work at home, so I can catch up on all the admin in peace and quiet in the office and do some much needed programming on PhyreEngine and Unity which I need to get up to speed on.

Speaking of programming I'm also delving into some retro stuff in my own time, its incredibly fun and takes me back 20 years.. I'm messing about with a project on Colecovision, an old early 80's console. Its amazing how primitive it is good old Z80 assembler, but I've take to it like an old duck back to water...In fact if anything I am finding it much easer than I did back then, perhaps I have learned a few things since then :D


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