Wednesday, 12 March 2014

hooomaan again almost

Aside from a cough which I am happy to say is now a nice productive phlegmy cough and not the dry heaving get a bit of spit out of your lungs cough I've had for a few days and nights. Also I got a good 8 hours sleep, on the couch, so as not to drive Brenda mad.

I feel a lot better today. Still not at the office though but hoping I'll get there tomorrow as I have a presentation to give

I am quite convinced that each time I get one of these colds they seem to be more debilitating and harder to shake, is this an age thing or are the colds mutating into hardier versions. I don't know, but this one has been nearly 2 weeks, ruined a holiday break and cost me 3 sick days.

might venture out to the shops in a bit. Get some vicks...apparently if you rub it on your feet and then put your socks and shoes on it stops a cough......not sure that's actually true, but am willing to give it a go.


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