Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another cold!!

This really isn't fair....while still dealing with the tail end of a 2 week cough from the last cold...I go out with friends for dinner on Friday night and start sneezing like a sick old man...sure enough next morning ANOTHER fucking cold is in full runny nose mode on top of the old chest infection... This is so not funny.

Spring here has been lovely, with warm sunshine and blue skies most of March, but have I had much chance to enjoy I fucking haven't.

So miserable, can't be arsed to do any coding, music, videos or much else...just trying to keep my mind focused on work related stuff and try not to miss any more time.
And my massive stocks of strong UK cold meds have all gone, used up on the last assault.....
Study week this week, I don't usually have a lot to do, so I can catch up on paperwork and prep for the last block....suspect I'll be shoving tissue up my nose and apologising for the coughs, sneezes and general nasty ooze coming out of me.



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