Saturday, 1 November 2014

wow, thats a song and a half

I was watching a really impressive drama documentary on BBC the other night about WWI tank crews. It was pretty harsh but very informative.
But at the end credits I heard a song that just blew me away, I'd never heard it before, even though its a few years old now.. thank you google for helping me find it.. It is this

I think this is possibly the most beautiful sad song I have ever heard and it just speaks to me.

I'm going to record it as soon as I have some free time, the original is in a drop D tuning but I was able to work out a reasonable normal tuning version, I just need to practice it a bit more and find a key I can sing it in.

Anyway readers, if you are both reading this, check it out, its wonderful. Mine won't be 10% as good, so soak it in before I ruin it for you.


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