Saturday, 17 January 2015

17 days... a new record

17 days into the new year and I managed to stay fit and healthy, until I started sniffing and sneezing and became the world largest producer of raw snot....

Bugger... I have a cold....just as I was going to go to the gym....again..

I've also been risking life and limb trying to install my new projector, which turned out to require some interesting ladder placement, coupled with some surprising degrees of vertigo resistance.

Also a lack of tools as it turned out. I did finally managed to unhook and remove the old BenQ unit, after working out its clap was secured in place with a squeeze pin system. But actual removal of the clamp from the unit so I can put it onto the new one, requires special tools I didn't know existed. Tamper proof Allen keys..which are basically the same as normal Allen keys but have a hollow middle. the screws themselves having a bump in the middle of the hole, preventing normal Allen keys from going into the hole and allowing you to engage....major pain...

Will pop to Hornbach later, before the major manflu symptoms kick in and buy a set. The Ladders are still in place until then making access to the attic tricky, so don't want to leave it in that state too long.

The reconditioned Roomba I got on ebay is fantastic...It arrived  yesterday, and could not wait to see it in action so left it run through a cycle which also helped to flatten the battery, which is apparently a good thing on 1st use....Aside from being a bit of a cable puller-outer, so I need to make sure cables are not loose on the floor, it works perfectly. Especially on my hard floors downstairs.. So its now set up and scheduled to do its thing every other day at 6am while I sleep. No more hovering downstairs...and once a week letting it loose upstairs which also has hard floors should be more than enough. Though not this week as there will be more snotty tissues on the floor than a teenage boys bedroom before and after his 1st prom.
There are apparently mop versions of this you can get which would also be nice to do once a week, but I am not so impressed with those so I will have to stick to the bucket an mop method..once a year.

I thought Harvey might go a bit nuts at it, but he just looks at it with distain and keeps out of its way.

Better get a lemsip or 2 down me then head over to Hornbach... I can feel the life draining from me as my eyes start itching..........manflu!!!!!!!


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