Thursday, 22 January 2015

Nearly better

Not Man-flu
Just a heavy cold this time, think I'm over the very worst symptoms now...though today am getting a bit worried about the dry cough I seem to have developed over night.. I hate getting chest infections here cos the docs are so unwilling to give you antibiotics for them and as a result they seem to last for weeks.
In the UK a quick course of something non penicillin based (I'm allergic) has any chest problems cleared up in no time, without them it seems to take 2-4 weeks and they end up giving you steroid puffs, which probably do more harm than good. Given that I am now having to pay for my annual drugs due to the 375euro own risk policy, if I have to go to the docs I'll be insisting on some decent AB's.

I've not had to go into the office the last couple of days so just been busying myself at home wrapped up warm,  with students work and some of my Z80 project which I have gotten back into, I can finally see an end to this, and the client is start to get impatient, so one last push and I should be done.

Oh and I finally have my new LED HDMI projector up and running, I had to order special tools to remove the mounting clamp from the old one, as well as new screws to mount the new one into the clamps, then risk life and limb on a not very safe looking, but really quite secure ladder arrangement on the stairs to fit it.  But it is finally up and running and I'm now up to date with a BluRay based cinema system... I suppose I should buy a BluRay film so I can see if there really is much of a difference.
Still sad that the old one is broken, I could have sold the complete unit for a decent wedge but as it is just selling the old projector alone, won't raise more than a few quid.


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