Tuesday, 19 May 2015

drunk again

Am drunk again...its becoming a regular thing....I know why, I just can't say here

so many sad songs to sing

not sure I can call this depression, just a sense of loss that won't go away.
have to stop now....this isn't helping me

more drink might



Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to get a grip. Drinking is definitely not the answer. I know because I tried that but it only makes it all so much worse! Your health will ultimately suffer and that's not good. Keep going on with the drinking and you'll realise that at your age you won't bounce back like some eighteen year-old. I'm concerned now about you.

Boring old Fart said...

Telling someone to get a grip is probably the most useless retort ever... I have my reasons for drinking, and I choose to do so until my reasons are resolved.

I'm already painfully aware every time I finish my exercises that I am not 18 any more.