Sunday, 3 May 2015


getting old sucks

bent over to pick up some shopping and tweaked my back big time, my knees are aching and I have an ache in my groin....probably from lack of use.

The back ache is real though, nearly fell to my knees when it snapped or whatever it did...fucking painful

knees have been a problem for 30 years...but all the long walks with the dog, are not good for them..but its still the easiest way to burn calories.

I did a mega shop today at Makro, our so called discount store...its not really very discounted but if you need to buy 32 rolls of bog roll its great.. But I also bought loads of store cupboard goods, since I really don't have a lot of dried and tinned goods in... I do now.. I think I can last a month or more on this, though the point is to have stuff in the house when you don't get fresh..
I was careful to stock up on Lentils and rice.
I also picked up a load of chicken and mince, so curries and mince and tatties for the freezer tomorrow.

Once I clear out the freezer.


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