Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sat in my dressing gown doing coding, waiting till the suns over the yard arm

Been learning Unity5, I've dabbled with Unity on an off over the years, but never full on taken the plunge and "got into it".

Its a very nice package for a lot of great ideas, but as a coder it just does not make me feel very satisfied... I can do some nice things via the scripts but the overall lack of feeling I'm in control of the whole process makes me feel a little underwhelmed

I suppose I should learn how to write plugins for it, that will make it lot easier to actually feel that I'm doing something meaty with it.

Its not that its a bad package, far from it, its an absolute miracle of modern engine development....but I can't help thinking that I want it to do more, than what it does..I feel limited...even though I wholeheartedly agree I'm no where near imaginative enough to even test Unity's limits
And maybe that's it....Its really a package for people who want to write a game...something they've thought up, can explore their world in, and make it happen, really easy...

As a coder I get my satisfaction from taking a problem and getting it working....Unity does that for me...so where are my problems to solve....I'm not and never have been a game designer, so for me I feel I have little to do.

oh well....I have to become much more proficient in it, to aid students who are going to be spending the next block at least using it...the last thing I want is for students to ask, how do I do this...and me not know.....

only 6 hours will wine o'clock and I'll feel a bit happier about it then.


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