Sunday, 8 November 2015

Nice weekend...sorta

Been cooking.

I've filled the freezer again with a months worth of food, Curry, Mince and Tatties,, Mac & Cheese. There's still pasta and stew in there, I suppose I should make sure older meals rise to the top so they don't end up getting missed out when I play freezer lottery.
I've also started to take a meal with me to work, I really do enjoy having a nice hot (microwaves are great) meal at lunch, instead of the never ending and rather expensive sandwiches.

It also saves me an absolute fortune on food. One thing I discovered last year was that I waste a freaking fortune on food. Not all of which gets eaten, or it often ends up in the freezer for a year.
If not I was eating far too much takeaway, 2 even 3 times a week, at 15 euro's a pop....nearly 50 quid a week..

But doing this freezer lottery idea has been brilliant, meals work out as only a few euro's each and its all home cooked stuff, ready to nuke as soon as I get home. The only limit is it needs to be a 1 pot style meal, hence curries and stews...but since I like that kind of food, its not a problen

Means I have a lot more money to spend on booze!!!


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