Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mega busy

The last weeks before panels have proven to be busy, this seems to be a pattern, with students waiting till the last minute before updating their playlists which we then try to feedback on in a near impossible backlog. But we made it, just.

This week I've done two long sessions of panels, and now I have a bit of a quieter day, jsut a few meetings to do. I'll make a start on prepping for the next block on Friday when everyone is off doing their staff trip. I never go on them, I simply hate the concept of enforced and arranged fun. Besides It entailes a very late return to Breda by why time poor Harvey will have had his legs crossed for far more than the 8 hours he's used to

Been working on the book projects when I can, so the writing part has slowed a little as I need to write about the project. Writing deliberatly bad but working code has been quite challenging for me, I thought all my code was bad, but when I actually make an effort its quite terrible. But it does take some effort, so I don't think my own coding is as bad as I feel it is sometimes

Going to try to devote this weekend to finishing the coleco game, its been hard to find the time and really kill off the last few issues with it. But gotta clear it off the table soon or it will get lost in the deadline chase for the book.

Not much else going on in the, play guitar, code, write...drink....drink again....sleep

life is stable... I say that as tomorrow is the 6 year anniversary of my surgery. I have missed it the last couple of years, but somehow this year it seems to have been marked in big red ink in the calendar.

Will maybe raise a glass or 3 to my surgeon's skill. When I've finished some code!


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