Tuesday, 5 April 2016

on the mend

Aside from the A/B trots, (I assume they are penicillin based which gives me the runs) I'm feeling a lot better, and so much quicker than my usual issues when I get chest infections.

I went back to work yesterday but it totally knackered me, so had a pretty early night and am almost back to normal,

Managed to tidy the office up a bit too, so can sit and go through student stuff in a much more logical manner and get back on top of things.

Also in the psot got a few toys today, a replacement LCD screen for the one I broke...slipped in with no customs charges which is nice, and anotehr SBC, a Roseapple Pi...yeah I know..crazy name... But it works quite nicely and is fast.. something nice to play with giving me another PowerVR GPU to get working.

thats for later though, for now, gotta make up the slakc on student feedback from doing Battleships then getting ill.

Spent a bit of time this weekend too, getting back up to speed on the Colecovision for the final push on that project...work got in the way so need to get back to it and really make some efforts to deliver it. My client is the most patient I've ever had but I don't want to disappoint him forever.


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