Saturday, 24 December 2016

ups and downs of life

So Im about to face another christmas alone, but am far from sad about it, in fact its a bit of a relief. I had planned to spend it with someone I met on line and invited to stay with  me over christmas.
But rather than the funny cute witty girl I spent a lot of time chatting to, her evil twin sister turned up. It was clear on the 3rd day after 2 very tense days of her non stop yapping and arguing over the most trivial of things.

Its never good to say bad things about people, but wow, what a total cow, selfish, immature, irresponsible, and an absolute narcisist..

I could outline the crazy shit she did over the 3 weeks she was here, there wasn't a single day that went past (when she was actually here) , but it would end up as a novel.  She was making my life a living hell, and taking serious advantage of my good nature while simultanioulsy doing her best to run me down at every opportunity.

But after a series of stay overs with other people (probably men) she'd met on line(at my expense) she finally buggered off with some other guy. He's welcome to her, poor chap is in for a world of crazy, I had an incredibly lucky escape. Chrismas on my own is now a blessing.
Im dissapointed of course in one way, and its been a costly gamble, financial and emotionally, but I don't regret trying, I'd had worse blind dates, but you  can walk away from those. This was just a longer blind date.. It won't stop me trying again once I've had time to get over the impact.

And another up, last night Whetstone had their 1st proper gig, there were a few mistakes of course, I messed up one massive solo, but the fact is, it was a brilliant and lots of fun, We'll iron out the kinks when we review the footage, and increase our repetoire for new gigs. But it was brilliant.

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And on the downside, I started to feel a bit crappy yesterday and was worried I woould not be able to perform my 1 song in the gig...but I managed it. But now I'm in the grip of a horrible cold.

oh well, shit happens.


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