Sunday, 1 January 2017

ok 2017, lets see if you can do a bit better

Here we go, another new start, 2016 was a horrible horrible year,so many deaths of childhood heroes.

And on a personal level so many mistakes and cock ups, but also good things, the book is almost done...(please be this month, please be this month)

I think this was the 1st time ever I went to bed sober...totally 100% sober.. Not sure I've done that since I  was 12. The tail end of a chest infecgtion from the Christmas flu,  and a poorly judged drinking session with Dutch Giant Jelmer who matched me drink for drink a few days after christmas, have put me right off booze for now.

But despite an early drink free night, I slept terribly, the fireworks went on till well after 3am, and poor Harvey was very stressed out by every single boom and bang.
Finall I dropped off, only to wake up at 6 and then 9-30 back to bed.

but I got up at 2, feeling a bit rough, and the cough confirms the infection is still there...I'll give it a couple more days then go see the doc again. He'll be happy to see me I'm sure.


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