Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Phew mad rush

Been mega busy, at work and at play, the Annual Sebeliouslaan double graduation gigs went quite well in spite of our slightly improvisational nature of our replacement lead singer. The extra rehearsals were well worth it.

I was much less happy with my gig at Belcrum Beach thugh accompanying Roos and her friend Ed from another Band (not our Ed, though both play bass funnily enough)  I had to play some melody lines on a song she was singing and Ed was playing the main chords, but I simply could not hear the guitar through the monitor and the engineer was not at the desk...I made so many errors I could see people cringe... I slightly redeemed myself by playing SOS for Roos, since I can do that with with my eyes and ears closed but I felt terrible at being so bad.

Anyway, that was just the personal life, work wise, graduates are graduated, interns are interned and students are all graded and most of them can move on to 2nd year and have some fun. Its been a good crop this year I feel back for the couple who didn't make it but I'm hoping they keep up the work and maybe they will get where they want to be.

Its back to book work, which in spite of all the other work I've managed to squeeze in quite a lot of ...but now the Publisher wants it done.. I have to just work full time flat out and get it to them.


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