Sunday, 25 June 2017

The site is up!

Well its up, but its not got all the content in there yet

Take a look at it here its still mostly a holding page and due to my lack of expertise with Dreamweaver, the design package I am using, its pretty generic, but I'll tinker with it and start adding pages and content to it as I go.

I've got to offload a lot of the book code sections to that, to keep the page count down so it will start to grow.

Had a lot of fun yesterday adding the light based shaders to the 3D games, so nice to see them becoming much more realistic. Per vertex lights work great, per pixels too but what a performance drop in them.
I won't be doing per pixel lighting in the actual book demos, it will just cause things to really chug,  so its going to stay on the site as an example of what is possible rather than what you should do.

Back to work progress is really good again and I want to make the biggest dent possible in the todo list this weekend to try to get it to the publisher .

The book has been pushed back to Q1 2018, which is a shame, but I am not going to assume any more time I must finish this in the next couple of days so I can get my life back together and move on with other things that have been stacking up.


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