Saturday, 16 September 2017

Holiday pick me up

In get a week off in October, and didn't really fancy staying in NL, so decided to head off for some sun, as I really didn't have much free time during the Summer, working on projects and the book.

But where can you go where its still warm? I like the Canaries a lot and always wanted go to Greece but Europe is chilling down now so it wouldn't be the best idea.

So I am going further afield and heading to Phuket in Thailand for a week, helluva long flight, via Moscow of all places, but its still very warm there in October, potentially a bit rainy but I booked flights and 5 star hotel for pretty much the same as it would cost me to go to the boom going for it.

Hoping I can get the last of my projects done and dusted beforehand
lol yeahh.hhh


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