Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busy week

Sorry for the lack of posts, been quite a busy week with settling in, finishing decorating, doing DS work and prepping and marking course work.

It's been quite a struggle not to get behind in anything...The decorating which I had hoped to completely finish this weekend will have to wait just a little longer though I did finish the entrance hall which looks really nice now.

Had a bit of a scare when I moved my "office" out of what is now Jodie's room to a section of the lounge. On 1st attempt the main PC would not fire up..I guess it objects to being disconnected from the mains. But aside from an insistence on doing a full memory check causing a slow(er) boot it seems fine now.

Jodie's up and down a bit, making plans to go back to the UK using the allowance money we're giving her to help her settle here. No amount of explaining the rules about unaccompanied minors seems to be getting through but we'll have to wait till she realizes that. Quick trips to Bradford for the weekend really are not an option and she'll have to work that out for herself.

I'm taking her over to the school in Eindhoven to sit an exam before she starts on Wednesday. Her mum and I are both hoping that once she's in and making some new friends things will ease up a bit.

Not a lot more to report. The DS project is still occupying a lot of my time but its beginning to feel polished and hopefully will soon be done.

I'll leave you with a bit of my fav top gear review of the Ford Fiesta.


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