Monday, 18 May 2009

why are there no labour camps for children?

I really think we should all club together and fund labour camps for kids...send them there at 12 or so, and let them out (subject to passing a written and oral and physcological exam) when they are around 20ish..

Its quite incredible how utterly alien a teens view of life is, all they know is they want want want, and if they don't get get get they go out of their way to make life intolerable for everyone.

Yes, more SD woes...not unexpected I suppose. She hates everything, everyone and anything related to Holland. The fantastic school we found for her where, she can speak English and get an excellent education is horrible, despite the fact that on her birthday everyone signed a card for her and got her a box of chocolates...can't remember that ever happening to new pupils in the UK.

What is it with Teens these days (no really..I was never that bad..was I?) They want want want and they want it now now now, and no matter how unreasonable or how clear and obvious the fact their wants can't be met they throw tantrums a 2 year old would be proud of.

Apparently going to school 3 times is sufficient to prove to us that she "tried" it. Hmmm, and after 2 weeks of refusing to leave the flat unless forced to see some of Breda, she's "tried" it and she doesn't like it and wants to go home now.

Hmmm well there's the door, don't let it hit you on the arse as you go....Ah but that little bit of reality bites...She's still a minor and can't go back to the UK on her own to go live on the streets with her "friends".

So she's stuck with us, or is that we're stuck with her?

I'm afraid Jodie still refuses to grasp the reality and finality of this, she's making plans to go "home" with her "friends" on MSN, and assumes because she said she's going home, she is ACTUALLY going home.

Its quite odd really, when she comes home from school she's actually been quite chirpy, but by the evening she's turned into super brat and we have to end the day listening to her whinge constantly. Its a constant 1 step forward 3 steps back situation.

We're going to ban her from the net...we've tried rationing her, but she now lives only for those 3 hours she can talk to her "friends", and inevitably after getting her "fix" of "Jodie World" on msn, we end up with tantrums and moods, so, harsh as it may be, we've got to cut the links here. The more she fills her head with Bradford the less she is willing to give Breda a go and we can't put up with this for months at a time.

Expect to hear the screams of despair worldwide, when we tell her tomorrow that Internet is being cut for the foreseeable future..

I still think those labour camps are a good idea...maybe making cheap shoes or tee-shirts..hmm hmmm who's with me?



Colin McNulty said...

I blame the parents... oh wait! ;-)

Given that it's been a week since the internet ban, and you've not posted since the night you said you were going to impose it, I'm guessing you're now dead and buried under the patio.

I'll keep my eye out for the discovery of your decomposed remains on the news, and wait with bated breath for the Discovery channel show of your life and final demise at the hands of a pubescent teenager, driven mad by IWS (Internet Withdrawal Syndrome, the biggest killer of the under 25's in the 22nd century).

Boring old Fart said...

Yeah bloody parents. :(

No am fine, ban is being imposed sporadically depending on mood de jour.

Just with E3 coming up I am mad busy getting on top of my marking and fixing demo's up for the show....

things are "slowly" starting to improve, now that she is starting to get used to school and some new friends.